So, I Think I Love You

If an unknown boy wanted to start a penpal relationship with you, would you?


2. Replies

The next day I went to History in second period again, excitement bubbling in my stomach. I practically ran to my seat, slightly to the left of the classroom. 

"Well someone seems eager today," commented Mr. Cunningham. 

I looked at him and smiled awkwardly, "Yeah, I just can't wait to learn more about those darned Nazis..." 

I bounce my leg as the students file in, anxious for class to start so that I could check for Jack's response. 

It seems as though everybody is moving as slowly as possible. I want to stand up and scream, but I managed to stay in my chair throughout the whole ordeal, attendance taking included. As soon as Mr. Cunningham started the lesson, I felt under my desk for the piece of paper I knew would be taped there. I smiled when my fingers found it, eager to know more about this Jack person. I open up the letter and discreetly read the message.

Hi Emily,

I think it's really cool that you like Shakespeare! My favourite play is The Taming of the Shrew. I like to draw and work with computers. What's your favourite movie? Mine is The Exorcist. I'm kind of a horror movie junkie you see. At my old school, I used to have lots of marathons with my friends. Since I've moved states, I don't really have any friends yet. I probably shouldn't say much more about myself, since you will probably figure out who I am.

What about you? You seem like a pretty cool person. I bet you have lots of friends. What do you do in your spare time? 

Hit me up, 


Genevieve's dark arm reached out to take the note out of my hands, but I pulled it away before she could snatch it. 

"What is that?" she mouthed, trying not to be caught by Mr. Cunningham. 

"Nothing, just a piece of homework someone dropped," I whisper. 

"Then why-"

"Genevieve? Eva? Do you have anything you would like to share with the class?" interrupted Mr. Cunningham. 

"No sir," I said. 

"Then I don't see why your conversation can't wait," he snapped, turning back to the board to continue his lesson. 

I pulled out my notebook and pretended to take down notes for the rest of class, ignoring Genevieve's eyes drilling holes into the side of my head. I quickly wrote down a note back to Jack. I'm amazed at how neat his writing is. He must be such a neat and organized person. I ran out of the classroom right as the bell rang, but not before I stuck my note to the bottom of my desk. 

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