When the school's quiet girls get involved with the biggest boy-band in school, their personality, friends and surroundings change dramatically.


1. School days

I walked through the school gates, gripping onto my bad tightly just in case i dropped it and ended up being late for registration. I'm never late, i don't like the idea of being in trouble. I would much rather enjoy learning and my surroundings in school. I wasn't the most popular girl in school. I was more like the one that no one knew and no one cared about. It didn't bother me. I have a social life out of school and i spend my break times singing or writing songs. I am Aisha, my twin sister is called Yasmin. We are brunettes and hard workers. Most people would label us as being the 'weirdos' or the 'shy girls', but we are not. We are like most girls, we look for attractive guys and we like make-up. In fact, we do have a crush on a few boys. First of all, Bars and Melody are very decent and attractive lads as well as One Direction, Justin Bieber, Harvey Cantwell, Overload, we could go on for days, but there is this one group of boys who seem to always catch our eyes. They are the jocks and players of the school, they even have their own band! They all have their names, which we took the time to learn, Daniel, Luke, James, Beau, and Jai, they are best known as the 'Janoskians.' They are in my drama and music class but always seem to sit at the back. They never notice us, probably because there are over a hundred girls in the school. Most of the girls like them, so what chance do we have? Imagine the things we could say if we had the courage! If you didn't fear anything, what would you attempt to do? 

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