When the school's quiet girls get involved with the biggest boy-band in school, their personality, friends and surroundings change dramatically.


2. After school

On our way home we saw the boys walking too. It was a bit of a shock at first because they have never walked this way before. Yasmin looked my way and i gave her a quick glance. They don't even realize how utterly beautiful they are, not just in their good moments but also in their bad moments. We saw how Jai was mouthing the words to 'Stay with me' by Sam Smith and broke a little smile when he got the words wrong. It made us giggle but they didn't turn round. They are so beautiful, not just in looks but personality wise. They are predicted straight A's throughout the whole year. Their parent's must be so proud. As Yasmin and I went down the alley, the boys carried on straight ahead. We knew at that moment that we had probably blown our chance but, what chance did we have in the first place? Well, back home it seems. See you tomorrow. 

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