Tempting Fate

Do not read if you haven't read 'Dying of the light' because there will be spoilers. I do not own Any characters, themes or plots which are associated with Derek Landys Skulduggery Pleasant.

When all is done, Everyone believes that they have defeated it all. No one can beat us...

Or so they think..

A new enemy will rise, Testing not only the physical limits of the duo, But the mental limits. Is this the real end?

Bad summary.


2. Chapter two

Chapter two


"So she has been eliminated has she...?" A ghostly voice beckoned before slamming their deathly pale hand onto the cobwebbed counter below them. "Yes master. Threat eliminated. Gone for good. No more probl-" A small voice quivered before the same ghostly hand raised itself again. "Brilliant... Now we strike..." 

"Right now...?"

"Yes right now, If we don't, The sanctuary will grow stronger... We head out now.." The ghostly voice snarled before dissapearing into the darkness...

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