The bassist

Hi! I'm Aly, Ashton's younger sister. I met him and his band mates then we all became the best of friends, but for some reason I think I'm falling for the bassist


1. the Beginning

Aly's POV

"ALY!" My cousin Ashton yells. He's in a band. I haven't met his other friends in his band and I don't want to. "What is it?!" "TIME FOR FOOD!" "COMING!" Us yelling from different rooms is a daily basis thing.

I run down stairs finding Ashton in an apron and making bacon. "So I have band practice today" he says keeping his eyes on the bacon. "Okay that's fine" I say not caring. "You're coming with me Aly" he says passing me a plate full of eggs and bacon. "Why do I have to come?" "Because I want you to meet them"

In my head I was thinking over and over again what if they don't like me.... It has been two years since they made the band. I'll try it. "Fine I'll go" I say bored. "Great get changed we get there at 11am" "where is it at?" "Calum's house" "who's Calum?" "He plays the bass" "ohhhh mkay whatever"

I finally get ready and head out to the car with Ashton. "That took you a while" he chuckles. "A girls gotta look nice!" I say. "Okay okay!" He starts the car and pulls down the driveway. Finally after a few sharp turns we make it to the house. Ashton pulls up the driveway. "We're here!" I walk with Ashton by my side towards the main door. He rings the doorbell. "Who's house is this?" I say turning to face him. "It's Calum's" "who's C-" before I could finish a boy opens a door. I couldn't help but stare at his beautiful brown eyes.

"Aly? Aren't you going to introduce yourself?" Says Ashton nudging me and breaking me from my zone. "Right I'm sorry" I feel myself blush. "I'm Aly. Nice to meet you" I offer to shake his hand. The boy smiles. His smile is so cute. He shakes my hand "I'm Calum. Nice to meet you too"

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