Alpha wants me bad

Amber Courval is the daughter of one of the world's most feared alphas. What happens when her rival pack's alpha starts going to her school and not to mention, has been invited to stay in her house. How can she let anyone know, especially her father, that he's her mate.


12. Unidentified saviour

Apart from the incident, things seemed to have gone perfectly fine with my recovery well on its way. Nothing was out of the particular and a week had gone by with my injuries significantly healed. Almost as If nothing had happened except for the faint imprint of the scar that the 'were' had left behind. 

Luc was overprotective, shadowing me with every step I took which I could understand considering I was an inch away from banging on death's doors. I didn't mind it most of the time, I could only imagine this was what a mate would do in times as of this. However, I was a teenager, I had a life and not to mention I had Caleb which didn't help as he was just as protective over me and maybe even more possessive because he had a less of a hold on me thinking he'd lose me any second to Luc. 

Although I enjoyed two testosterone filled boys vying for my attention and safety, there came a time when I said enough was enough. A girl needed space and pretty much having them live in the same space was not the ideal thing for a girl like me who liked her personal space. 

First day back at school was understandably filled with stares and people coming up to me with concerned questions which I would answer back to politely. I didn't mean to be a bitch but as the day went by my smile was getting tighter and tighter as I tried to smile through the endless "You're okay!"s  and "What happened??"s. I had gotten just about zero sleep last night, having a nightmare about red eyes startling me awake and not letting me settle back to sleep, being a big problem.

I had snuck my lunch into the library where I ate in blissful silence, flipping through one of those ancient looking books I snagged off a shelf. In this moment, the library was the only place I could catch a break.

I flipped on to the next page and crunched on a crouton when a chair slid out and someone sat their ever-daring ass on it. 

Looking up from my food, I was ready to glare the living hell out of this person when I saw chestnut brown hair and a kind smile. Mel. 

Letting out a breath of relief, I slumped back down on my chair, giving her a faint smile. "Hey, Mel." 

"Hey there, loser." her lips twitched in amusement, "What're you doing here? Didn't think you were the studious type." Her eyes motioned to the ancient book on mythologic studies I was skimming through. 

"Yeah yeah, smartie pants, we all know you live here." I rolled my eyes, " Just trying to not feel like a peasant in my kingdom, you feel?" 

Shooting me a sympathetic smile, she nodded. "I feel. Must suck to have Luc and Caleb following you around like lost puppies." She laughed. 

Mouth agape, I threw my arms in the air. "You see it too, then?" I exclaimed, "It's like I can't breathe!" 

"They're just worried sick, you know that." She chastised, " From what I heard, you were attacked, and as the daughter of our alpha, that's not to be taken lightly." Her eyes shone with something fierce at her pack being threatened. 

"Don't think it was a neighbouring pack attack." I muttered with spite. 

"What was that?" Mel questioned, head tilted in confusion. 

"Nothing!" I brushed off, looking away. 

I could feel her eyes scorching me for an answer to which I sighed. "I don't know, I'm just being crazy as everyone's been saying or hallucinating but I really don't think it was a werewolf pack attack or a rogue or anything in that context!" I sucked in a deep breath and rested my forehead onto a palm. "Just tell me I'm crazy already." I whispered. 

"You're crazy." 

I lowered my palm to peek at her smiling face. "What? you are crazy!" she laughed then quickly sobered up. "You may be crazy but I trust your judgment. I'm willing to believe if you're willing to convince?" She raised an eyebrow. 

I paused to think if I should unload my crazy on Mel. I grew up with her, never failing to keep in touch with me every single year although never really becoming one of those inseparable bffs, we were constantly, neutral. Happily- friends. I never felt like she judged me for anything or spoke bad of anyone really. I felt safe telling her. 

Taking a deep breath, I started. I informed her of the glowing red eyes, the feeling of a third party evil. The strength, speed and agility of that beast and its size, how it was absolutely terrifying, soul-shivering terrifying. How it was not under any circumstances- natural. 

I waited for her to laugh. To say it was a werewolf on steroids or something stupid like that, but that's not something Mel would say, that's something I would. 

Mel just stared. 

Then she blinked. "Okay!" She clapped her hands together. "I may know what you're talking about." She got up and strode toward one of the shelves, then paused looking back. "maybe." she said, before continuing on. 

Mel scanned the shelves of ancient books that I'd just browsed, "you're reading mythologic studies volume one, aren't you?" She asked. 

I flipped to the front cover, "apparently so..." I hesitantly agreed. 

She hummed pulling out a dusty book from the shelve. It was thick, brown with age and similar looking to the one I had but messier, with pages sticking out and weathered. 

Mel carefully placed the book on the table with a light thump and opened it up to the page she wanted. "This is mythologic studies volume seventy-three." She states with an almost proud tone to it. Which is valid considering her ancestors date back to being the 'librarians' of these books which may sound not that extravagant but play a vital role in keeping track with our precious history we love so much that it had to be made a compulsory subject. 

So really, sometime a couple hundred years ago or so, her ancestors may have been the ones to write this very book and their purpose was to be the keeper of historic books. 

"Volume seventy-three!" I smiled widely, "We all know I've never gotten that far!" 

She snorted, "Yeah, we all know that." She smiled affectionately. "Anyway, what you described- I have something in mind that matches that description." She frowned. "Although, It really doesn't make sense why it'd be after you." 

Flipping onto one of those pages on the verge of falling off, it held sketches of... 

"Is that the fiery pits of hell?" I asked incredulously. 

"Yup." She confirmed. "This is hades' world." She pointed to the rocky setting with lava appearing from the cracks on the ground and ugly demonic creatures guiding the poor souls of the damned. There on the throne, sat who must have been Hades. A dark figure shadowed by the darkness, his wings spread large and proud almost blended into the darkness. 

"Are you implying I was chased by a demon?" I asked skeptically.

Mel pointed a finger at my face. "Hey don't go all disbelieving on me now, you're the one that said it wasn't natural." Moving on to the next page she pointed to a picture of a beast in the form a feral dog but bigger, its hair matted and a slimy black. Its sharp teeth bared in a ferocious snarl, Its saliva dripping in gooey drips from it's mouth.

What really stood out for me in the picture however, was its eyes. 

Red, glowing, eyes that made your soul sink and your bladder tighten. 

"Kerberos'. They- are Hades' bundle of joys. They're really the pawn of hell, a lesser demon that guards the entrance to the underworld. Other than that, they can be used as a form of dragging wanted people who have yet to die, to hell." She watched my shocked face with caution. "I mean there's nothing to be concerned of here, a Kerberos only really is release out only if they really, really, want someone dead. I don't see how an ordinary werewolf would be wanted... Amber?"

My heart was pounding beats too fast and was feeling lightheaded, borderline on the verge of vomiting. 

"You look sick.." Mel pointed out. 

"Mel..." I swallowed. "That was- that was the thing that was chasing me. I swear to the ever loving gods that was it." 

She looked deep in thought. "If it really was a Kerberos that attacked you, sorry to break it to you, but someone wants you in Hell." 


Leaving my last class of the day, I left the back entrance of the school to where I parked my car. Surprisingly, no one followed me out today, and I was glad that neither Luc or Caleb came to me because I probably would have snapped. I was so not in the mood for their over protective crap right now. Not that I ever was. 

Unlocking my car, I tossed my bag in the passenger seat and moved to get in the driver's seat when I caught something moving behind me from the side mirror of my car. 

I turned around and caught a glimpse of blonde hair. 

Getting back out of the car, I hesitantly approached the back it. Ever since the attack I'd been on high alert with my surroundings and hyper aware of everything. I wasn't sure of my safety at the moment especially since I'd parked out back where it was pretty quiet with only a few cars parked and no one was in sight. 

Turning the corner, there stood a tall man with disheveled dirty blonde hair, wearing a white button up shirt rolled up at the sleeves until his elbows. He had his back to me with a hand in a pocket of his denim jeans and another holding a cigarette to his mouth. 

Evidently taking a deep puff, his arm drop to the side and he released the cigarette where it fell to the ground. Turning around, he faced me, releasing a haze of smoke. 

Once the white smoke cleared, he smiled, revealing straight pearly whites and a dimple carved on a side near his mouth.

"Hello." Mystery man greeted. 

My mouth gaped and I was left speechless.

He was-

Pure. Sin. 

His face was like a creation made by the gods. The high forehead, chiseled cheekbones, strong nose- straight with a slight slope and his smile... his smile could enslave an army of women into doing his bid. 

He was straight up- perfection. 

Never thought I'd say that, but I did, and I don't take it back. 



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