Alpha wants me bad

Amber Courval is the daughter of one of the world's most feared alphas. What happens when her rival pack's alpha starts going to her school and not to mention, has been invited to stay in her house. How can she let anyone know, especially her father, that he's her mate.


1. Rivalry come


"What's going on?" I asked. Looking around at the chaotic atmosphere as students and teachers ran around the school with frenzied looks in their eyes.

Caleb arched a brow at me. "Didn't you hear the announcement?"

"What announcement?" I asked, frowning. I don't remember there being any announcement. It could have possibly been announced while I napped in math class. Whoops.

"Alpha's coming over to school to make an important announcement." He searched my face. "and here's to thinking that you would know that your own father would be visiting."

I grimaced.

Everything made a lot more sense now. Many were afraid of their great old alpha, the same man that taught me how to ride a bicycle and read me bedtime stories at night to get me to fall asleep. I was too used to the reaction people got when they heard of the arrival of the alpha to find it weird.

Now back to why I didn't know he was visiting first hand. That would be a good question I'd like an answer to. Dad usually told me when he would decide to visit which was pretty rare all with the commotion it was causing now, I can understand why he doesn't come by all too much.

"Alright! Everyone- just- stop! Stop runnning around like a pack of hooligans and listen up!" Principal Grimstone shouted for everyone's attention. Most stopped their running around and impatiently stood still. "I would like everyone to move to the gym to await for the alpha." He gestured with both hands to the gym.

Chatter immediately broke out at the announcement of the alpha. The buzzing of people went on as they shuffled into the gym.

Loosening his tie, Mr.Grimstone sighed out a stress filled sigh. "I swear..." he muttered, shaking his head.

His eyes found mine and they lit up like I had answers to all the chaos. I backed up a step but he was already striding up to me with determined steps. "Well hello, Ms.Courval!" He smiled as friendly as he could at the moment. "How are you?" He asked.

"I'm fine, thank you very much." I replied with polished politeness while putting on the fakest, good girl smile known to history.

Hey, I tried.

Caleb cleared his throat.

Mr.Grimstone turned to acknowledge him. "Oh. Hello, Mr. Rosewald. I assume you've been going to your classes?"

"You'd assume right." Caleb replied in a tone that suggested otherwise.

Giving Caleb a short glare, he turned back to me.

I hid my smile as I brought my attention back to our school's principal.

"So, Ms.Courval, I came to you to ask if you had been notified as to why our great alpha has decided to grace us with his presence on this very fine afternoon." He questioned.

I was irritated that I had yet again no answer to that question. "I'm sorry, but no, I actually don't."

He looked at me suspiciously as if he didn't believe me. "I'm sure you don't. Well, thank you for your time. If you and Mr.Rosewald could patiently wait in the gym with the rest of the school." He gestured once again to the gym before walking away quickly.

"Swear that dude's got a stick shoved somewhere far up his ass." Caleb muttered, showing his long time love for Mr.Grimstone.

I laughed. Our principal wasn't so bad but I think the reason Caleb disliked him so much wasn't so much as because he got in trouble with him all the time, more like because he thought Mr.Grimstone was a total suck up.

Slinging his arm over my shoulder, he pulled me along with him into the gym. Reluctantly, I strode in with him.

There, a group of our friends waved us over from the right side of the bleachers and we moved to join them. They'd managed to save one seat but there was two of us so Caleb sat down first before proceeding to pull me down onto his lap. He wrapped his arms around my waist and rest his chin on my shoulder. I could feel his light breathing stirring the fine hairs by my ear.

I could just feel Caleb's on and off fling, Hannah, staring daggers at the back of my head. Along with most of the female population of Moon crest high.

"Hey Amber, do you know why your dad's coming here?" Mel asked.

Okay, this is getting old. but to be fair, it's to be expected that I know this simple shit. If only I was notified... I still couldn't comprehend why I wasn't.

"Nah, surprise visit I guess." I said, to cut my explanation of oblivion short.

Mel nodded. Not one to be overly nosy, I liked that about her.

Suddenly, the gym's doors banged opened, to which my father strode in with strong, confident strides. Mr.Grimstone and a few other of my dad's closest pack members, including his beta, Caleb's father, was right behind him.

The loud chatter that filled the gym went quiet in just a matter of seconds at the arrival of their leader.

"Good afternoon students of Moon crest High, you're all probably wondering as to why you're here. It is in fact for a very important matter that needs to be informed to each and every member of the pack and I found it most fitting for it to be told in school considering most of you are here." My father scanned the thousands of werewolves gathered in the large gym. His eyes found mine and lingered a second longer before he looked away. "You should all know of the nightshade pack ."

I heard a few gasps and whispers go around as the crowd tried to contain their curiosity.

Why was dad referring to the nightshade pack? They were our rival pack from Europe, they were from a whole different continent and yet we clashed. You can see how that's saying something.

They were also one of the most influential packs in the world. I wouldn't call them the strongest at the moment considering their pack alpha had just died and passed on his title to his still in high school son but they had contacts, they weren't as big as ours with as many werewolves but they were connected and they were rich. Very rich.

"Now back to the issue at hand." Alpha Courval's voice boomed. Everyone went silent. "Alpha Blackwell of the nightshade pack and a few of his pack mates have some matters here that they need to see through in the states. Considering his age, he has decided that during his stay here, he would like to experience an all american school, meaning he will attend Crest moon high starting from his arrival, tomorrow." He finished his announcement with a grim look on his face.

What an announcement it was. The gym full of students were silent. Dead silent. It seemed like everyone had been holding their breath. Caleb tightened his hold on me as I felt him tense up.

Then suddenly, like a rush of air being let out, an outraged rawr of chattering began as students spoke in disbelief.

"What the hell...the nightshade pack? We're supposed to hate them, not invite them into our territory!" Caleb spat.

I was at a loss for words as I stared at my dad, he was speaking with his beta. I didn't know what they were speaking about but he seemed stressed as he ran his hands through his blonde hair that I'd inherited.

I pushed Caleb's arms off me and got up. Before he could protest, I descended down the steps and headed over to my father. I was close when his beta nodded to me, warning dad of my presence. Dad stopped talking and turned to face me.

His face was harsh as he was in the middle of a heated argument but his features softened when he saw me.

"Hey dad." I greeted.

He put his arms over my shoulder and pulled me close. "Hey baby."

"What's going on?" I asked. "How could you just let a rival pack in just like that?" I knew it probably wasn't wise to question an alpha if he was doing his duties right, even if he was my father, but I needed to know.

Instead of getting angry like I expected him to, he sighed. "It's complicated, and council confidential. All you got to know is that they're coming to stay and I expect you and your friends to treat them with respect."

"But-" I started. I saw the look on his face which told me not to argue and shut my mouth.

"You've got to get along with him because god knows you're going to spend more time with them then the rest of the students here." He said, with a faraway look in his eyes.

He didn't even notice that my mouth had fallen open. "What- why?" I almost shouted.

"Why. They're going to be living with us is why. What kind of alpha do you think I am with such poor hospitality."

My face paled as I stared at my dad. He couldn't actually be serious, could he?

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