Alpha wants me bad

Amber Courval is the daughter of one of the world's most feared alphas. What happens when her rival pack's alpha starts going to her school and not to mention, has been invited to stay in her house. How can she let anyone know, especially her father, that he's her mate.


4. New kids in town

~~Chapter 4

We reached school with twenty minutes to spare so I had time to show the fellow new students around their new school.

I had gone with Caleb in his car with Lanny, one of Luc's pack mates who said he didn't mind riding with us. The rest of his friends rode in Luc's shiny black hummer.

Moon Crest High had been around for some time now, it's also pretty damn big. The exterior of the school looks like it came right out of the shoot of Harry Potter's school of witchcraft and wizardry, Hogwarts. However, there were a few modern changes done like the windows and whatnot. The interior however, was a different story. It had been completely renovated  just about a decade ago, and a big change it was. It had been modernized with more glass and metal, making the school look to its grandest, though keeping a couple rooms as well as the memorial room traditional.

There weren't as many people that were already at school but the moment Luc and his pack members stepped out of the car, everyone, and I do mean everyone that was there at the moment stopped and stared.

We walked into the school and by then everyone had already figured out who they were. Students stood around the hallway whispering of the alpha and just by the way power radiated off Luc in waves, there was no mistake as to who was the alpha was.

Caleb, that ass, went off to where his football buddies were hanging at the field so I had to show them around by myself.

Walking them through each class and facilities, I explained to them where certain classes were held and told them some history of the school, not that they were interested, really. Maybe except for Lanny, which I found was quite the sweetheart as he listened intently and nodded eagerly to every word I said.

I was even more aware however of Luc whenever he walked too close or when his hand would brush against mine, and it seems like someone else did as well.

What's her face? Genevie? She was beautiful, with shiny brown hair and exotic dark eyes. Well anyway, she kept sneaking glances at us and she would give me the stink eye whenever our eyes met.

Is she Luc's booty call? Friends with benefits? But then again, if she were, I doubt he'd bring her all the way across the world with him. So... girlfriend then? Luc has his girlfriend with him.


I had covered most of the grounds when the bell rang. Hopefully, they knew where their classes were now.

I left them in a haste, feeling a pair of bright green eyes boring into my back as I left. Grabbing my gym bag I'd stuffed into my locker this morning, I walked over to the other wing of the large school where the gym was.

In the gym, a few students were already changed and waiting for the rest. Mr.Cartwright, a well respected fighter and now a battle defense teacher who decided to get into the occupation of educating young werewolves like me as to how to fight now that he had gotten older. He was now pulling together mats for what I suspected would be a session of new bruises.

I went into the locker room where the girls stood around chatting while changing. The moment I walked in, the girls swarmed me like the pack of wolves they were and started firing off questions about the nightshade pack.

Shit. This is giving me a headache.

"Look! I can't answer all your questions, alright? How about you try asking Luc and his pack."

They stood there silent for a minute, stunned at my suggestion. Then like a flurry of pixies, they fired off questions again.

"Oh my god, is that his name?"


"I heard it was something like that."

"He is soooo hot. Like actually. I'd totally let him bang me."

"God, Lisa. You're such a slut."

"c'mon, dont lie to yourself, you'd totally do him."

"Lisa, I have a boyfriend."

"So?" Slutty Lisa questioned.

I sighed, rubbing at my temples. I tried tuning them out as I changed into a tank top and some loose workout pants which I cinched the drawstrings tight at my hips.

I left the changing room and It's more like I felt him before I saw him. There he stood and I didn't know what to expect, maybe see him standing alone? I mean, he is the alpha of our rival pack. What I didn't expect however was him surrounded by overly eager girls and even a few guys.


Well, then again. I am the mate of the guy. Who am I to talk?

Then, just as I was staring at him, he turned to where I stood like he already knew where I was and met my eyes with his startling orbs of green gems.

I turned my head so quick, any faster and I would have snapped my own neck. At the same time, I moved to walk away and instead slammed into someone. "Woah!" A girl exclaimed.

I stumbled back a step from the impact and when I was steady, I saw it was Mel that I'd knocked into and she was rubbing her forehead.

I grimaced, "Ah, shit. I'm sorry, mel. Didn't see you there." I apologized.

She laughed. "That's alright. It seems like you were pretty distracted with a certain someone." She cocked up an eyebrow, her end of result expression turning out pretty creepy.

"What? pfft. No." I denied. I couldn't help look back as discreetly as I could to see if he'd seen. He had a smirk on his lips but he wasn't looking at me. Instead, he was looking down at slutty Lisa from the locker room. She was pretty much hanging onto his arm.

God, I don't know why but it's making me so angry. If I could just swat that stupid fly off him.

"Did you just growl?"

I snapped out of it and my eyes widened as I slowly returned my attention back to Mel. "Did I...?" I whispered, mortified to say the least.

She coughed, trying to hold back her laugh. "Uhmm, pretty sure you did."

"He's just so.. so.. just look at him!" I nodded to him and his building fan base. "Such a.. a... attention whore!"

I spotted Caleb talking to Bryan not far away. "Okay! see ya around!" I left, shooting Mel a dazzling smile as fake as pamela anderson's boobs.

She protested but by then I was already on my way to Caleb.

"Hey! There's my girl." Caleb announced, wrapping his long arms around me and pulling me back against his hard body. My wolf was giving me a bitch of a time for being in the arms of the wrong man. Just to spite her, I snuggled closer into Caleb's body, earning an appreciative growl from him.

I was feeling a little uneasy at how much Caleb was enjoying my closeness to him that I was ready to move away from him, but before I could, I was torn away and against another hard body. An arm snaked around my waist and another over my shoulders. "I don't share, mon amour." He whispered into my ear making me shiver. Luc's calm voice with an undertone of lethalness had bolts of pleasure shooting down to the very tips of my toes.

"Hey! What do you think you're doing?" Caleb questioned the alpha, which probably wasn't very wise of him. Too many people were already looking our way and I was starting to sweat...

"Alright! Class, gather around!" Thank god a shitload of drama was saved by Mr.Cartwright.

I escaped from Luc's hold and walked over to where Mr.C was standing on the joint mats. Luc and Caleb both trailing close behind me with barely restrained anger. Everyone was already surrounding Mr.C and waiting intently to continue, that's when Mr.C turned to Luc and bowed his head in respect. "Welcome to Moon Crest High, Mr. Blackwell." Luc nodded back to Mr.C.

We all stared at the scene that had reveled out in awe. Our usually stoic, war exposed teacher just showed his submission to a student. Well, that student happens to be the alpha of a huge continent full of werewolves. But still.

"Okay, as you can see I have the mats set up here and as some of you have guessed, I am going to pair up the class alphabetically and we're going to have a one on one battle. No hair-pulling, no scratching, and absolutely no dirty fighting. Remember, how you perform will be contributed as forty percent of your end of midterm grade." The class groaned.

"Yeah, yeah! Boo-hoo. Now lets make a little noise for our first contestants!" Mr.Cartwright gruffed out.

The class went rowdy, hooting and cheering.

"Okay, now shut up." The noise cut off with a snicker or two from the guys. "First up, we have Albani and Anderson!" The cheering arised again as Mica Albani and Rachel Anderson strode up onto the mats. Mica was this huge, muscly, dude. Whereas, Rachel was this little thing. Seeing the unfairness of this, the girls booed while the guys simply laughed.

Surprisingly, it was a quick match, and Rachel won. Right? Who would've known? Mica might have been all hulk and power, but Rachel was small and that made her faster. Quick but lethal strikes here and there, three hits till out, with a bleeding nose, a split lip, and a black eye, Mica was out. The guys were pretty much rolling around the floor, laughing. Poor Mica, they're not going to let him live this down.

"Alright, guys! That was all really funny but clearly size doesn't matter for Rachel." The class roared out in laughter once again at Mr.Cartwright's pun.

Rachel blushed tomato red and Mica sat fuming as he nursed his wounds, his friends giving him pats on the shoulder.

"Right. Up next- we have... Blackwell and Courval."

Blackwell? As in Luc?

Courval? Who's Courval? I don't know any Courval.

Luc leaned down so close to my face if I leaned in I could taste his lush lips. "Ah, Mon Chaton. I can't wait to feel you."


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