Alpha wants me bad

Amber Courval is the daughter of one of the world's most feared alphas. What happens when her rival pack's alpha starts going to her school and not to mention, has been invited to stay in her house. How can she let anyone know, especially her father, that he's her mate.


5. Last man down

~~Chapter 5

"The only thing you're going to be feeling, is my fist." I huffed.

His fingers brushed over my cheek, lightly and so quick that I wouldn't have been able to stop it even if I wanted to.

"Mr.Blackwell, It is your first day here therefore under no circumstances are you required to participate in this." Mr.Cartwright informed Luc over the uproar the class was making over someone having to go against an alpha.

Someone shouted out, "Mr.Cartwright, you must be crazy!"

Wow. Nobody thought I'd win, I thought to myself as I scanned over their looks of sympathy and shock.

"Oh-oh no, It is quite alright. I think I will rather enjoy this... experience..." Luc pretty much purred, much to the girls' delight. Brushing past me, he stood on the mats, giving me an expectant look. "Are you getting up here anytime soon, mon amour?" He taunted.

I sighed, moving to get up there but a hand wrapped around my wrist, stopping me. I looked back to find a frowning Caleb. "Am," He called, "You don't have to do this. He's an alpha for god's sake."

My lips tilted up bitterly, "Oh, ye of little faith."

He let go of my wrist at that, shaking his head in defeat.

Getting onto the mat, I faced Luc as I stretched my muscles, so I wouldn't pull anything once we got physical.

"êtes-vous prêt, mon petit chaton?" (Are you ready, my little kitten?)

I cocked an eyebrow, "La question est êtes-vous prêt?" (The question is, are you ready?)

He responded with a delighted smile, "Ah, you speak french."

"I get by." Trying my very best not to let my voice shake and spoil what little victory I got over his surprise. But god, that smile of his...

"Contestants!" Mr.Cartwright signaled for our attention, "Are you up for this, Amber?" He asked for my consent.

Everyone turned their attention to me as I hesistated. I mean, I would be going against one of the most feared leaders in the world. What was I even thinking, doing this?? But I couldn't back out now, I did have a little pride left in me.

Decision made, I nodded.

"Alright, Ready, settle," He took turns to look at both of our stances then with an unsure look shot my way, "Battle!" Mr.Cartwright announced.

At the word, 'battle', we circled each other.

"Venir à moi" Come at me, he said.

It was the way he said it. With his conceited tone and amused little smile that all showed he thought I was being cute. By god! That pissed me off to no frickin' end.

I charged him like a bull would to a fire-engine, red, flag, I could pretty much feel the smoke coming out of my nose. Swinging out my right fist out with a speed that surprised Luc and everyone else, including myself, I clipped him on his left shoulder because going for his face would be quite difficult due to our height difference. I must've hit him with more strength than I'd anticipated because Luc stumbled back, catching himself just before he fell.

Gasps echoed throughout as the students stood around shocked.

Shit. I was pretty damn shocked as well. I didn't know what it was, the anger or whatever that triggered it but never have I ever felt this... power... harbouring inside of me, waiting to be unleashed after its first taste.

"That's one hit for Courval!" Mr.Cartwright shouted out, the wonder evident in his voice.

I ignored the throbbing of my hand as Luc regained to his full height, and amused, he was no more. Instead, now he held a glower, not exactly directed to me, but to himself. I also couldn't miss the confusion swimming in his eyes as well.

He held onto his shoulder and now that I looked at it, looked kind of not...right. With a quick burst of strength, he pushed back onto his shoulder and with a faint pop, it moved back to its original position. He didn't even make a sound.

I winced in my head at his harsh action to his shoulder but refused to show any remorse to what I did. However, my wolf felt all the remorse in the world and it took me a lot to not be by his side right not and aiding him. I tried my best and when I finally pushed away my wolf's natural instincts, I rushed him again and was prepared to lay a karate chop to his neck when I felt him (see how I said felt and not saw) grip my arm and before I could even react to anything, his feet swept under mine.

My breath left me as my back hit the mats with a loud thump. "Courval down, one hit for Blackwell!" I vaguely heard Mr.Cartwright say.

Before I could even think of getting my ass off the ground, I felt his warm body as he got onto me, straddling my waist and swiftly bringing my arms above my head. A smirk graced his beautiful face as he Leaned in, his face now ridiculously close to mine. "Mon compagnon c'est une question difficile." (my mate is a tough one.) He growled, almost proudly.

I shivered at his close proximity, angry that he could effect me that way. I grinded my teeth together so I wouldn't go ahead and snarl at him. How dare he expose me like that and what if someone had heard? "I am not your-"

"What?" He asked me softly, cutting me off. "Your mate?"

I could see in his eyes that he was waiting for me to challenge him by denying to be his mate and I wanted to, so bad, but I couldn't deny the truth.

Unable to give him an answer I'd be satisfied with, I found a way to escape his hold instead. Having him so close to me, now that was something I had to take advantage of. Bringing a knee up hard, I kneed him in his golden berries.

He shouted out in pain then fell back, cradling his tender manhood. Scrambling off my ass, it was my turn to straddle him. I put my body weight onto a hand resting on his left shoulder then cocking my other arm back, I struck a blow to the right side of his face, quite possibly fracturing his cheekbone. All I wanted to feel was satisfaction however all I felt was this guilt from inflicting pain on him.

"That's two hits for Courval, one more and Blackwell is out!" Faintly, through the loud thumping of my heartbeat, I could hear people cheering me on. How I could've even gotten this far is... a miracle to me but then maybe he was just going easy on me.

Nevertheless, if I went for the last shot, this would all be over and nobody would ever forget I defeated an alpha. Especially this one. I was just glad I haven't gotten disqualified yet.

Bringing my arm back, I got ready to break his nose although that would surely break my wolf's heart in the process but it wasn't going to break mine.

Before my fist could have reached its destination, it was held in the palm of its victim. Luc had my fist in a firm grip of his and slowly he turned to me and let out a pained chuckle. "Ma chaton, you're so sexy when you hit me."

Then his elbow came up and clipped my jaw. Flying back, I was on my ass once again. "I'm sorry, for this, my love, but karma's a bitch." Vaguely I was thinking how cute it was that when he said, 'bitch', it sounded like, 'beach', Yeah, that's when he striked me on my shoulder, making me slam down onto the mat from the impact.

Pain radiated down from my neck to my arm. I yelled out in agony as a tear slipped out of my eye.

He didn't feel this?? He didn't feel this?! fuc.......

Faintly, I heard a voice say, "That's a double hit, Courval you're out."

How about cut some slack to a girl with a shattered shoulder, Mr.C.

"Come on, lets get you up." A worried voice said and helped me up.

Luc put his arms around me carefully as he got me up and standing. He had the nerve to be all worried when he was the one that caused my pain. "You dislocated your shoulder. Come, lets get it back to normal." He said just as I started backing up. Hell, no, I wasn't going to let him 'get it back to normal.' He didn't make a squeak when he put his back but fuck, he sure as well isn't touching mine.

He saw my reluctance and shot me a disapproving look. "Mon amour, do you really want to walk around with a deformed arm."

"I'll get someone with an actual medical degree to come anywhere near any broken part of my body." I shot back, biting my lip from the pain.

"Don't be stubborn, it's just a dislocated shoulder and it is causing you pain, let me help." He insisted.

Pfft. Just a dislocated shoulder?

Looking at his genuinely concerned look on his face, I hesistated. This shoulder was hurting like a son of a bitch and if he could take it then I would.

"Fine." I gritted out.

Coming up to me, he carefully and gently layed both his hands on my injured shoulder.

Okay, okay... you can do this... an ant's bite. That's all...

"Bien... on the count of three. One... two..."


I held back my scream, turning it into a whimper of some sort. My shoulder had popped back to its original state by the force of Luc's strong hands and it had blazed up to a big fire but now that my bone was back to its socket, it burned a dim and slow fire...

"You went at two-not three!" I accused in a strained voice.

"After everything, that's what you end up saying?" He asked incredulously.

"I trusted you to go on three!" I didn't even know why I was still arguing with him on this.

"Oh, for god's sake, mon amour." He chuckled, shaking his head.

Mr.Cartwright, walked up to us with the biggest smile I'd ever seen him wear, meaning it wasn't all that big. "Mr.Blackwell, Ms.Courval, that was a great fight. Though I probably should have disqualified you for that knee to the balls." He shot me a stern look. "Can I say, Amber, that was quite the exceptional fight considering who you went up against. I've never seen you move like that before, I'd like to see more of that." Mr.C nodded his approval then turned to Luc. "Congratulations, Mr.Blackwell, that was a well win especially how by what I could see, had to keep your restrain at bay at the same time."


"You went easy on me?" I asked Luc, baffled.

He looked away from me but not before I could see his guilty eyes. Surely, he knew how much pride meant to me. I was the daughter of an alpha for fuck's sake.

I huffed. "Whatever." I stormed off the mats, ignoring him when he called out to me.

What. wounded pride, alright?

Faces of shock or awe surrounded me as I left the alpha hanging. Thankfully, Mr.C managed to call for their attention.

"Hey." Caleb appeared infront of me. "You okay?" He looked to my shoulder. "Looked like that hurt like a bitch."

I let out a bitter laugh. "Yeah, it did, and turns out it wasn't even worth it. All a fake." I muttered.

"What?" Caleb asked, confused.

"Nothing. Forget it. I'm going to get changed now, I don't even want to look at him right now."

"Naw, Am. Someone's being a sore los-"

I shoved him. "Shut up. I'm not!" I scowled at him.

"Whatever you say." He sang behind me as I walked off to the locker room, more pissed than ever. Pfft. What are bestfriends for.

I pushed the door open, leaving it to slam close behind me, the sound echoing through the empty room. I trudged over to where my bag lay on a bench. Stripping off my tanktop, I stood in my lacy black bra as I opened up the zip of my sports bag and pulled out the clothes I wore from this morning.


The sound of the open door slamming shut once again. I heard footsteps then my heart jumped at the sight of him.

Me. Him. All alone.

"Merde. You make me want you so bad." He rasped.















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