Alpha wants me bad

Amber Courval is the daughter of one of the world's most feared alphas. What happens when her rival pack's alpha starts going to her school and not to mention, has been invited to stay in her house. How can she let anyone know, especially her father, that he's her mate.


6. irresistable

I'm sorry to those who requested updates a while ago and I'm only updating now. Thanks for staying with me and happy reading! :)

P.S It gets a little steamy in this chapter, just so you know ;)


Chapter 6

My heart jumped at the sight of the male infront of me. His eyes held a predatory look as he scanned my body up and down, sending tingles to where his eyes took sight to.

Finally getting my frozen limbs to work, I hastily reached around blindly for any article of clothing I could use to cover myself from his prying eyes without having to take my eyes off him.

Holding the tank top infront of my exposed chest, I shrieked, "What the hell do you think you're doing?" I tried souding stern, maybe angry or creeped out even! But my voice ended up lacking the anger, the creeped out and it was just a little too husky. A little too-

turned on.

He moved closer to me making me back up with each step he took until I felt my back hit the lockers. Towering over me, he took my top out of my grasp without much effort needed and let it drop. I watched it as it fell to the ground, like I could somehow bring it back.

Titlting my chin up with a finger of his, I was now angled to looked into his beautiful green eyes that were hazed over with lust.

He pulled my arms away from my chest, exposing my bra clad breasts to his greedy eyes. My chest rised up and down as I took in raked breaths.

The urge to cover myself from his observant eyes were simply to hard to resist.

I moved my arms to cover myself but before I could, I had my hands pinned up above my head by a single large hand of his.

Our heavy breathing filled the room. My eyes never left his, they mesmerized me to the point that I think I couldn't even if I wanted to.

I felt the moment his skin made in contact with mine as he curled his hand around my waist.

I gasped.

His hand caressing my stomach had me feeling a burning sensation in my lower belly, an unbearable ache that needed to be soothed.

He had me trapped against him, helpless. This usually wasn't something I'd be good to go with but this...

Whatever he saw in my eyes at that moment, he must have liked, because a deep sound of pleasure that came deep from his chest escaped his lips.

He licked his lower lip.

The simple but erotic action of him licking him lips made my knees buckle. His firm grip on my body the only thing keeping me up.

He was now pressed up so close against me, I could feel the warmth of his body spurring on my arousal.

My heart was beating so hard and my knees shook, I was feeling so much so that I'm surprised I haven't passed out yet.

I really should be pushing him away...

He leaned in and lightly licked my lower lip. "Mm, so sweet." He murmured.

Lightning bolts shot continuously down my body from the touch of his wet tongue on my lips, certain areas throbbed at the slightest touch from Luc.

The moan that left my lips was definitely involuntary.

I heard him let out a tortured groan before his warm lips plastered wet kisses on my neck.

I didn't know when I started to grind my body against his, head thrown back in ecstasy, but this pull I felt, this connection... my heart was pulled out and yearning for more. It felt so good to finally feel!

Luc lifted his face from my neck, making me whimper in distress. His hand let my hands free and his now rested on both sides of my waists, holding me away from his body a little.


He's not going to stop is he? I needed this so bad...

My now free hands rested on his abdomen, exploring his hard body, reaching lower...

"I need you..." I whispered.

I wasn't usually this needy but we had a bond yet to connect so at the slightest touch of his, I was now an addict craving for more.

I heard Luc's breath catch, "fuck!" He cursed before he slid his hand from my waist, down to my butt, and lifted me off my feet, my legs automatically curling around his lean waist.

Lips crushed down hard onto mine and they moved in sync, as if they were made for each other.

My hands tangled into his soft hair and pulled roughly, making him retaliate by biting my lower lip, drawing blood. My mouth gaped open in pain.

Almost as if in apology, he licked across where he bit me, then took my lip in his mouth, sucking, turning the pain into pure pleasure. My lady parts throbbed in time to the suction of his mouth.

He let go of my lip with a pop, breathing hard.

I slowly opened my hazy eyes and peered into the bright yellow eyes of an alpha. Meaning he was fighting for control. That drove me crazy.

Cupping his beautiful face in my hands, I brought my lips to his once again. His tongue urged my lips to open and I willingly did so, allowing our tongues to meet with light flicks across the tip of our tongues, feeling the wetness of each other.

His hand rubbed up and down from my butt to my thighs, making me wet, while the other hand ran up my ribs, his thumb moving stroking the skin right beneath my bra.

Our tongues fought for dominance as I dragged my hands down his smooth body and placed them on his firm back, dragging my nails down.

I must've found his sensitive spot, because the next second, I was plastered onto the lockers with his bulge grinding into me.The fabric of his jeans creating a delicious friction against my core. I threw my head back in pleasure, my eyes rolled back, I was so close.

His hands moved pass the waistband of my pants and grabbed the round globes of my ass, gripping them hard as he grinded more forcefully onto me.

"FUCK!" He hissed. "You feel so good, mon amour," He panted.

His rubbing against my most sensitive area was too much for me.

I threw my arms around his neck and pulled him closer to me, bringing my mouth close to his ear, "I-I'm going to come." I whispered hoarsely.

He growled out in pleasure, then I felt his teeth lightly biting down onto the flesh of my shoulder, so close to where the mate's mark should be, sending shots of pleasure down my spine.

AH! Continous waves of pleasure heated up my blood at my incoming climax...





I couldn't stop giggling while writing parts of this chapter, I'm so immature omg.



I love every single one of you

Gwen xx

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