Alpha wants me bad

Amber Courval is the daughter of one of the world's most feared alphas. What happens when her rival pack's alpha starts going to her school and not to mention, has been invited to stay in her house. How can she let anyone know, especially her father, that he's her mate.


7. Choose one loose one

Like a bucket of ice water was poured over my head, It dosed the fire that was brewing in my nether regions.

I turned to face the person who interrupted the much needed of interruption, hot 'n' heavy session.

There stood my bestfriend, looking absolutely crushed. I could only imagine the guilt that had spread across my face.

I was absolutely horrified.

Luc may be my mate but Caleb doesn't know that, so to be caught in this compromising as hell position with an enemy, I might add, was shame on me. If only I knew what Caleb was thinking. He doesn't hate me, does he?

I started to move from my frozen state by pushing Luc's body away from mine although it was probably the last thing my wolf wanted.

It seems like it wasn't something Luc wanted either because he didn't budge an inch. His hands only moved to my waist and thighs, keeping me in place. He met my eyes, sending out signals of challenge.

"We're kind of in the middle of something right now." Luc told him in an irritated tone.

So that was how I awkwardly stayed wrapped around a guy in my bra, I might add, with my bestfriend watching.

Luc's eyes had gone back to its original colour of gem green but that didn't make him any less intimidating, any less dominant. It was like he was almost daring me to break free of his hold once more.

He wanted to show Caleb who I belonged to, He wanted to claim me.

Nervously, I glanced back to Caleb to find him in a barely contained- rage. "I don't know what alpha mojo you did to trick Amber into the position she's in at the moment but now I'm asking you nicely to remove your hands from her body and step away from my mate." Caleb gritted out.

I gasped.

We both knew we weren't mates but then I recalled the conversation I had with mom not long ago. All sorts of possibility that Caleb was my mate went out the window for us. I know that, but Caleb didn't.

What Caleb just did, he'd let out a remark of his claim to me and to say that to my actual mate...

I closed my eyes as a low growl emanated from Luc's chest. The vibrations from his aggressive response was felt prominently.

With an almost lethal calmness, Luc put me down to my feet and with a swift brush of his thumb over my wet lips, he turned to face the person who he now counted as an enemy.

"What did you say?" Luc bit out.

At that point, he was so scary. I could see him as what he truly was- an alpha.

I've got to give Caleb some props. He stood his ground and met Luc's aggressive stare with one of his own.

Me, standing on the side lines, could feel the ticking bomb that was them and it was about to go off. Hell if I'd be the reason for this.

Grabbing my top off the ground, I hastily slipped it over my head and then proceeded to sneak my way between the two of them, waving my arms around like a lunatic, hoping to break their dangerous stare-off.

Luckily, my seizuring made them break eye contact. I let out a breath of relief.

Jeez, I was getting jealous.

Instead of staring off, they now focused their irritated gazes on me.

"Look- there's no need for this. Clearly, we made a mistake and you happened to walk in on it." I informed Caleb. I gulped after I said it, swallowing the aftermath of what I felt, wasn't completely true.

"A mistake?" Luc asked softly and in a tone that sent shivers down my neck.

Right, so I wasn't the best with words.

Now I turned my pleading gaze to Luc. I needed them to forget this. I didn't want one of the most important guys in my life and this- other guy that I didn't know how to feel about, to be fighting. Especially over me.

"Amber..." Luc came closer to me. He looked angry but I thought I saw an underlying of hurt in his eyes.

Needless to say, that hurt me in return.

Caleb observed Luc's movement and came in closer to me from the other side as well.

"Hey, she said it was a mistake, alright?" Caleb reinformed him.

Luc's jaw clenched. He reached out and captured my hand in his. "Tell me you didn't mean that." There was a hint of desperation in his voice as he asked me that.

My heart cracked a little as I fought myself as to what to reply.

I was saved from answering him however, when Caleb ripped Luc's hand away from mine, breaking our contact.

"I've already told you, and I'll tell you again, get your hands off her." Caleb yelled.

Luc's eyes flashed dangerously.

What happened from then on, wasn't within my power to stop.

Moving with incredible speed, Luc tackled Caleb, slamming him against the nearest lockers.

I flinched when it created the very loud sound of hard impact against metal.

Caleb managed to shove Luc off him and when he moved away from the lockers, there was a large dent there in place.

Luc didn't look like he was going to simmer down anytime soon, and neither did Caleb. No amount of me screaming for them to stop even penetrated through that thick skull of theirs.

Caleb then swung out his fist at Luc, once he got his balance back.

Luc ducked his hit, the punch narrowly missing his head. With a move so quick and swift, Luc swung an uppercut punch to Caleb's jaw.

Caleb flew back from the impact and slammed right back into the lockers. His body fitting back into the dent he'd made.

Luc was beating up my bestfriend and there was nothing I could do about it. Of course, I could go all self-sacrificial dumb lamb and stand in the middle of the fight and then unintentionally get hit by one of them.

Yeah, that sounds just dandy, and stupid.

Which was why I was going to go ahead with the plan.

I moved as quick as I could, ready to stand in the way because if that was what it took with these cowheads.

Caleb had gotten up but the moment he saw me charging into the scene, it immediately clicked in his head what his bestfriend was going to do.

The next second, I was shoved out of the way by no other than Caleb and I fell on my ass, sliding, from his push. "Dammit, Caleb!" I yelled.

That was going to bruise.

Distracted by my fall, luc's concerned self wasn't in the game when Caleb's fist when sailing through the air and made contact with Luc's face.

I winced.

You see what I meant by dumb lamb, except there weren't even any self-sacrificial acts performed.


"What the hell is this ruckus I hear from the outside?"

Our heads all shot up to the sound of Mr.Cartwright's booming voice.

There he stood looking grim as hell at the situation before his eyes. Luc has blood trickling out of his mouth and Caleb sported a blooming red spot on his jaw where he'd been punched. It would surely bruise later.

I remained on the ground, looking like the dumb lamb that I was.

"There's not much I can do here." Mr.Cartwright let out reluctantly.

That was true. He may be a teacher here but he's looking at an alpha, a beta's son, and his alpha's daughter. There really was nothing much that he could do.

"I don't know what went on here, but with all due respect, I expect you guys to work it out." Wow, I think if Luc wasn't here, he'd already be yelling our ears off.

People were starting to flood in behind Mr.Cartwright, trying to get a glimpse of the spectacle.

Mr.C moved to leave the room but he paused for a second then turned back. "You two should get your injuries checked out." With that, he left, chasing everybody off on his way.

The moment he left, I scrambled up and moved to Caleb, removing my every instinct to move to the other male, out of mind.

"Are you okay?" I asked, worried. I moved his jaw gently to inspect the damage. It looked really bad now but thankfully it wouldn't take long for it to heal.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Lets go, Am." He said, rubbing his jaw.

He grabbed my sweaty hand in his and started yanking me towards the door. I resisted a little wanting to look back.

There, Luc stood with a slumped posture, leaning against a locker. His eyes met mine for a brief moment and I watched as he slowly licked the blood off his lip.

I quickly looked away and willingly left the locker rooms.

I was not one to enjoy the seeing the hurt in his eyes as I chose Caleb over him. His eyes screamed that I'd betrayed him to a level too raw.

My heart sunk but I refused to give in and run back to a stranger.

So I went against every instinct and left with Caleb.

We'd decided going back to class wasn't probably the best thing to do.

We were out of the gym and on the way to the medical centre when Caleb finally sprouted his question.

I was getting anxious by the wait.

"So... what the hell went on in there?" He asked pleasantly, as if asking about the weather, but I saw him clench and unclench his jaw.

"Nothing." I mumbled. Suddenly very interested in my two moving feet.

He sighed. "Am, I'm not stupid. As if the fact that you were half naked escaped me." He stopped and laid his hands on my shoulder. "Whatever it was, don't you forget he's the enemy, Am."

I groaned. "Caleb. It was nothing." I shot him a look that said 'end of story', "Now lets get that pretty face of yours checked out, alright." I finalised and started walking again.

"That heart isn't his to break." He called out behind me.

Yeah, well, the thing is- it kind of is.


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