Alpha wants me bad

Amber Courval is the daughter of one of the world's most feared alphas. What happens when her rival pack's alpha starts going to her school and not to mention, has been invited to stay in her house. How can she let anyone know, especially her father, that he's her mate.


10. Bite me once, shame on me. Bite me twice, shame on you.

Chapter 10

First thought -

I’m dead.

Since young, as preparation to the future, we were all taught lessons as to how to deal with situations that were to bring harm to ourselves, such as now. We were taught to fight properly with a skill that would’ve efficiently eliminated the problem in question.

However, we were also taught that if or were a situation that were impossible to comprehend did in fact happen and were not within our control to contain, we’d know what to do.

First step to getting out of the scene alive-

“We pound their asses!” A fourteen year old Caleb exclaimed with an assurity to his tone.

Mr.Cartwright tutted at Caleb as he strode down the line of awaiting students towards him. Looking pointedly at Caleb “No.” He deadpanned.

The class broke out in whispered conversation as Mr.Cartwright just changed their view of everything they had been taught for years by the man himself.

“Don’t be stupid, you do not ‘pound their asses’.” He quoted, giving an unimpressed look to Caleb to which a smattering of laughter echoed throughout the gym.

Looking around the class of twenty kids or so, his eyes breezed over their heads slowly, drawing out the anticipation.

Mr.Cartwright’s warrior eyes held a knowledge that told us to listen, and listen good. Finally, his browsing eyes landed on mine and I felt like cowering behind the back of the nearest person.

“Listen and listen well, class.” He boomed. His sharp eyes had taken on a serious look so intimidating that everyone knew not to make a sound. “If ever should you find yourself in a situation beyond your power, you do not fight back- you do not hesitate.” His eyes bored into mine and I felt like he was talking directly to me, and only me.

“You run.”

On second thought-

I ran.

Like the wind of a moving human tornado, I moved fast at a desperate pace that I’d never attempted before. My heart stopped for a second as I felt the body of the thing brush against me. It was so, so close.

I was fast, but this- this thing that I’ve never ever seen before in pictures or real life- seemed to be faster.

I had an advantage here as I knew this area like a lover and it whispered me its route to the exit. That was my only advantage here.

I winded through the trees, passing hundreds of them within seconds.

I forced my burning legs to go on, my arms pumping, trying not to think that there was a psycho, murderous, mutant, beast snapping right at my heels.

I couldn’t help but have a repeated mantra of, ‘oh shits’ in my head.

I don’t know why but I couldn’t shake off this feeling, this vibe that was emanating off this beast. Something so unnatural and dark, not from this realm.

My legs were fueled by my fear and I felt like I was almost flying. Stray twigs slashing my arms and occasionally cutting my face. The adrenaline and fear didn’t allow me to feel any pain.

“Run. Run.” I wheezed out to myself, praying to god that I didn’t trip on the scatters of branches and twigs and end all chances of surviving for myself.

Come on, we’re almost there.

I told myself that.

Suddenly I felt a strong urge to cry because I knew I was lying to myself.

There was a long, long, more way to go and I didn’t know If I could outrun this beast any longer.

The perfect solution that a normal werewolf would be thinking right now would be to shift and fight for it’s life because they were left no choice. I had been running at a pace I thought would’ve been impossible before and non-stop for about ten miles now and my legs felt like they were dissipating, whereas, the beast did not look like it would be stopping anytime soon. Sweat was dripping off me in rivulets and I was starting to see black spots.

The solution would be- to shift!

But I can’t.


I couldn’t.

A scream tore out of my throat, one of desperation, panic, and resignation.

Yet, I went on, promising myself I was almost there.

Fifteen miles?

The dots were starting to overtake my vision.

Pain tore through my leg as I felt sharp teeth sink into my left ankle. I felt like I was being yanked back by a rope like when I went bungee jumping last summer with my friends.

Except this time I landed on the ground, hard and no guaranteed safety.

My hands shot out as reflex to stop the brunt of my impact and I shouted as pain shot up my wrists.

Tears peaked out of the corner of my eyes as I squeezed them tight. I didn’t want to face that beast, I really didn’t.

It’s growl brought me back to reality as it let go of my leg and got ready to pounce for the kill shot.

I had so many things left to resolve back home. I couldn’t die now, I wouldn’t be able to rest in peace, that’s for sure.

I didn’t even think.

An arm swung out like a baseball player- swift, strong, accurate.

It hit the beast’s head with a loud smack, the sound of bones cracking and then it flew back, rolling onto it’s back with a whine. Not even a second later, it let out a loud yowl that did not- in any way whatsoever- sound humane.

I realised right then and there that this- whatever it was- was very, very, powerful and I didn’t stand a chance.

It didn’t stop me to try to escape at its brief moment of vulnerability.

My hope deflated before it really inflated as I tried getting up but the pain from my raw and bleeding leg beared me down like a ton of bricks.

“FUCK!” I yelled, frustration at myself for being so weak and denying death’s door that was so close.

Limping, I got ready for a jogger’s pace and bit my lip at the crippling pain that inflicted upon me. I blinked through the tears and continued on.

Rustling from behind warned me of the beast’s approaching presence.

Heart skipping way too many beats to be of comfort, I hobbled on the way brushing blood along the trees that my hand reached out for steadiness.

Why was I running? I asked myself.

I am the damn daughter of the alpha and I couldn’t even defend my own self much less a whole pack. What use am I?
Turning around, dread filling up every nerve in my body, I looked this thing in its cruel eyes. “What do you want from me?!” I yelled at it. If I was going to die, must as well know why.

It seemed to actually pause for a second, tilting its head, then its lips curled almost like in a mocking smile.

Then it pounced.

My eyes shut tight as I waited for the impact of its heavy mass.

But… It never came.

A whining sound echoed throughout the forest and then it went quiet. Absolutely, silent.

I didn’t dare hope, but still, I slowly opened my eyes.

Maybe I was in heaven. Oh, lets be real, I was probably in hell.

My eyes were squeezed so tightly together that when I finally opened them, it took a while for me to focus on my surrounding.

Trees... Leaves.... beast...

There it lay several feet away from me, very much dead.

How did I know?

How about its missing head?

Relief so strong washed over me that I collapsed onto my knees. Pain shot up my knees at the heavy force but I was too tired to care at this point anymore. Sweet, sweet, relief.

It occured to me right then that something would have been here to have done that to the beast, probably something much worse, but oh- I was too tired to care. Whatever it was could kill me next if it wanted. As long as I didn't feel it.

My vision hazed before my eyes as my body collapsed onto the ground, my body losing its capability of holding itself up.

Rolling over, my eyes stared wide up at the moon and stars, never did lying on dry leaves and twigs feel this good. Maybe this was what it felt like to die.



Stop yelling. Can't a girl sleep? I wanted to say that but no words escaped my mouth.

"AMBER! Where are you?!"

Why so distressed? I'm just going to take a nap.

The shouts of many all started to fade into one until I focused into one voice. It was close. "Amber?" He whispered.


I wouldn't mind falling asleep to that voice.

Arms banded around my shoulders and under my knees, then I was lifted.

My angel's carrying me up to heaven! I'm so glad I'm not going to hell.

I wanted to thank this angel but all I could see was the beautiful dark sky, but soon I wouldn't even be able to see that because my lids were so heavy. Sleepy...

"Oh my god!" A very familiar female voice shrieked out, sobs choked through her scream. "My baby... there's so much blood!" She whimpered.

"Amber." A stern voice called out, and I focused on that instead. "You stay with me now, you hear me?"


"You are not going to die on me again. I will not allow it!" He growled, but his voice cracked, filled with sorrow.

My angel...

Darkness fell upon my body and I reveled in its peace.

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