Alpha wants me bad

Amber Courval is the daughter of one of the world's most feared alphas. What happens when her rival pack's alpha starts going to her school and not to mention, has been invited to stay in her house. How can she let anyone know, especially her father, that he's her mate.


3. Between two

~~Chapter 3

I could feel Alpha Blackwell's hot breath on my skin as he parted his lips a little and snaked the tip of his tongue out, giving my hand a sensual lick.

I gasped as my heart jumped almost painfully. I felt heat pool low in my belly as I watched his smoldering green eyes look up at me through his thick dark lashes.

A throat cleared loudly behind me.

Our short moment of lust was broken as he straightened up but kept his hand in mine. I turned around and saw everyone looking intently at us. Well, Caleb looked furious. I'm guessing he was the one that interrupted us, and dad looked... I don't even know right now. His expression was just blank and I didn't know what he was thinking.

Dad walked over to us and boy was I ever conscious of his warm large hands enveloping mine. I twisted out of his hold and planted my hands by my side so I wasn't tempted to grab his hand back.

My father placed his hand on my shoulder, "Alpha Blackwell, this is my daughter, Amber."

"Again, please call me Luc." He reminded my dad, his tongue curling around his name, his accent making his simple name sound exotic. His accent was french and... something else. I couldn't tell, but his english was impeccably good.

The adonis looked down at me from his tall height, "Amber." His voice caressed my name, suddenly making me love my name. I only wish he'd say it again. I wonder how he would sound when he shouted it out.. in ecstasy when he...

GOD! Amber, get your mind out of the gutter!

I managed to nod in reply to him, too frazzled to do anything else.

"Come, lets take a seat." My father motioned to where everyone was awaiting. I danced away from my father's hold and plopped down onto the sofa next to Caleb, my butt sinking into the sofa's soft cushion. He wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me close, so close that I was almost sitting on his lap. My wolf squirmed at being so close to another wolf but I held her back, ignoring her.

Across from us, sat Luc's pack. An older member of his pack that looked middle aged, meaning he must've been an old one, analyzed Caleb and I with his experienced eyes. "Are those two mated?" He asked, brows furrowed.

A low growl emanated in the room.

My head sprung up at the sound of that and my wolf responded to his claiming growl in delight. "They are definitely not mates, Alfred."

The man named Alfred, lowered his knowing eyes as a sign of respect. I glanced around hoping no one found his behaviour unusual. Thankfully, nobody found that odd, he must be a really angry alpha then.

 Dad took a seat next to mom and Luc moved to take a seat on the individual leather chair, trying to catch my eyes as I tried my very best to avoid his intense look.

Luc and my father started discussing pack stuff and some other things that only alphas would understand. The two packs soon engaged in conversation that didn't interest me. I soon tuned out but not completely because who could really tune out Luc's beautiful, melodic, voice?

Caleb nudged me with his knee. I turned to him and mouthed, 'what?'

"Guess what happened yesterday afterschool?" He asked softly.

"What happened?" I asked back as the conversations went on in the background.

"John Acrum was going to ask you out yesterday."

"John Acrum?" I whispered. As in the guy he locked in the locker for a whole school day?

Caleb put a finger to my lips to shut me up. "So guess what I did?" He asked rhetorically. "I beat him up and hung him up on a pole, by his underwear." His eyes twinkled.

"Oh, for shits sake." I huffed. "Caleb, give that kid a break. I swear he's still scarred by what you did in elementary school."

"Clearly he hasn't learnt his lesson." Caleb insisted. " When I told him to stay away from you, I meant it." He lifted my chin gently with his finger. "You're mine." His eyes were so tender, I didn't have the heart to tell him that... well... I wouldn't be the one for him. I couldn't. He would... I couldn't even think what would happen. Knowing Caleb's temper, he'd never forgive me.

"What... did you say?" A menacing growl came from Luc. I realised the room had gone quiet as a silent storm raged on in Luc's eyes.

There was a pregnant pause before my mother jumped up from her seat bringing her hands together like she probably hoped she could do to us. "Right, so. Hey! Look at that time! It's 7:30 maybe you guys should get going to school? I'm sure Amber here would be delighted to show you all attending the way around." My mom directed to Luc. " I really do hope you enjoy your experience here as an american student. I'm sure it's very different in Europe" My mom smiled pleasantly. We all stood up at mom's dismissal.

Luc flashed mom a tight smile. "Non. It is Luc, Ms.Courval, and yes I am looking forward to that experience... and that tour..." He gave me a pointed look.

I looked down at my shoes. Caleb bristled next to me.

Right so... this situation I was in.... some would say I am totally and utterly screwed.


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