Alpha wants me bad

Amber Courval is the daughter of one of the world's most feared alphas. What happens when her rival pack's alpha starts going to her school and not to mention, has been invited to stay in her house. How can she let anyone know, especially her father, that he's her mate.


8. Betrayal

~~Caleb had gotten his check up at the medical centre and turns out not only did he have a severely bruised jaw but he had a hairline fracture on his skull as well. It was already healing, thankfully, so all the nurse had to do was clean up the mess, disinfect the wound and cover it up.

I was so angry that it was Luc that had done this to my bestfriend. However, I was even more mad that he hadn't been at the medical centre to get himself checked.

Emotions were running around everywhere for me and I was so angry but worried at the same time. I didn't know if I was more angry at him or me because I cared so much- I shouldn't be caring because I don't know him, I shouldn't be giving this many shits.

Why did I even do what I did? I don't even like him... that arrogant, self-righteous, prick.

It must've been the mate pull- because it sure as hell wasn't me.

"Amber!" My head shot up at the sound of my name, and it sounds like it was called out more than once.

"21!" I spat out a random answer out of pressure.

An exasperated sigh came from my teacher, "This happens to be english class, not math, Ms.Courval." Caleb next to me snickered and I elbowed him in the ribs in return.

"Maybe she was too busy dreaming about what happened back in the lockers." Some dude spoke up from the back of the class.

His comment was followed by a chorus of "oooo"s from the guys and just basically people looking at me like I was some sort of strange artifact they were trying to figure out.

"Okay, that's enough, class!" Ms. Jamie attempted at settling the students down.

"Which guy did you like better, Amber?" The douche taunted me.

I felt Caleb tense beside me.

He turned back on his seat in a flash. "Hey! You better shut the fuck up." He exploded at the guy at the back.

There was a pregnant pause as the class went quiet.

They were shocked by his tone, the way Caleb had commanded the other student and owned it. It was.. dare I say- hot?

There were rumours as to what went on in the locker room just now. It's an understatement to say word goes around fast in my school.

There were many theories as to what some of the 'witnesses' saw.

Apparently, I had been doing some things that were too inappropriate for even me to say, and with the both of them. I then had a reputation of a slut that loves to get it on with more than one guy at the time.

Another rumour that was going around was that Luc followed me into the lockers with the intention to kill me because in the midst of the fight, he lost control to my wolf and that i must've been mated to Caleb because he sensed I was in danger through the bond, and came to my rescue. Thus, the fight.

People and their imagination.

"Alright! Thanks for that, Caleb." She cleared her throat at the awkwardness. "Lets get back to the topic in hand. Why did the heroine in the book feel the need to be with the villain even when it went against all of the morals she was taught."

*         *         *       *       *

English went by quite slowly and painfully I might add but eventually I was slugging away in the hallway on the way to my next class.

I was getting quite used to being stared and pointed at by people like an endangered species in a zoo when some guy with shaggy light brown hair and the clearest blue eyes started to walk in stride next to me.

"Heya!" He greeted me with a goofy smile that spread from africa to asia.

"Hey?" I replied, not sure what to think of this random guy I haven't seen before.

Actually, come to think of it, he looked kind of familiar... but I couldn't put my finger on what it was that made me think I've seen his face around before.

"My name is Micha!" He introduced before sticking his hand out for me to shake. I hesistated a beat at his over enthusiasm before shaking it. "I am a new student here."

Okay, now that made a little more sense as to why a stranger would walk up to me. I also couldn't help realise that he had an accent. It was almost as if he was trying his best to hide it but I could hear the different pitches to the way he said his words that couldn't be helped. He sounded a little.. french?

"You look familiar..." I told him, narrowing my eyes suspiciously. "Are you from the nighshade pack?"

His eyes widened a little. "Nightshade pack?" He blinked his beautiful baby blue eyes, "Oh I have heard of them.." He had a far away look or maybe he was just avoiding looking at me.

"So you're not?" I confirmed with him.

"Mmhmm." He hummed his agreement before abruptly stopping and reaching into his bag as if he'd forgotten something.

I stopped as well, unsure if I was supposed to wait for hin or...?

He got out a white slip and looked to me hopefully. "I was hoping you could help me to find my next class?"

"Yeah sure." I took the slip from his hand and turns out he was very coincidentally so in the same class as me. "You have history next. Luckily, I'm going there too."

"History." He said it slowly with his prominent french accent. Like he was testing it on his tongue. A bright look came to his eyes and he smiled happily. "I like history a lot." He informed me.

I snorted. "That's a first."

His smile never dimmed at my display of dislike to something he seemed to like but he was giving me a questioning look. "If you do not like history then why do you choose it?"

"Right?" I threw my hands up in frustration. "I wouldn't have if I had a choice, trust me, but history's compulsory. Right next to english and battle defence class. Supposedly, so we don't forget what our ancestors had to battle out. The loss and pain...the wins and victory....Yada yada." I rolled my eyes.

"Isn't that a good thing?" He asked, looking somewhat confused.

I paused, thinking about what I said. I did sound ungrateful but sometimes history could just be so boring sometimes you know? It's not like my father didn't hammer enough knowledge about legends and ancestors already. Especially as a direct descenders of alpha blood. Imagine the one on one talks. "Ugh, you must think I'm such a brat. I don't mean to sound like I didn't care what about what went on back then... it's just- it's history?" I told him, hoping he'd understand what I meant by just saying, 'it's history'.

His confused face did not leave him. "Yes?" He agreed with me out of my own satisfaction but clearly he didn't understand.


We reached the class and I walked in and before I could stop myself, I found myself scanning the room for a certain someone, which wasn't there by the way- much to my dissapointment.

Mel waved me over from the back and I walked over to her and plopped down to the desk behind hers, dropping my books onto the table.

"Hey. Hey." The school clown called for my attention at the seat next to mine, making those annoying kissy noises. "You and me, tonight?"

Now there were two types of clowns. There were the ones that were funny and entertaining ones, and there were the stupid and irritating ones. A.k.a, guy next to me.

Mel turned around from her seat, giving him the 'what the freak' look, "Can you like, get the fuck out." She shooed him.

"Ooo, like them feisty." He brought his hand out, dragged it through the air like they were claws and actually hissed at her like a cat. He did listen to her though and went to sit on the other side of the room to disturb someone else.

"Weird kid." She mumbled.

Now that there was a free spot next to me, I motioned for the new kid to sit next to me from where he was still standing where I'd left him.

"He's cute. Who is he?" Mel whispered.

I shrugged. "New kid."

He sat down next to me and I introduced him to Mel who was eyeing him like candy.

Mr.Gallan, walked into class and being the attendance natzi he was, immediately started to count out the students. Once he was done, he clapped his hands together. "Well! This is good. I haven't seen this many students present in my class in a long time. Now, there seems to be a few people to be missing. I already know one of them is Caleb."

Yeah, Caleb wasn't a fan of history either.

Mr.Gallan scanned down his list of students. "There seems to be a couple names I am not familiar with on my list. Micha?"

Person in question next to me raised his hand. "Here. I am new." He told the teacher.

"Ah! Delightful. Hopefully, you'll like the class better than the rest of the... MICHAELS! You better not be sleeping." Mr.Gallan taunted the sleepy boy who'd nodded off.

There was an abrupt snort from the guy and his head jerked back up but his eyes weren't quite open. Pretty sure he wasn't even awake.

Mr.Gallan sighed impatiently. "Right, well, welcome to my exciting history class." His eyes went back to scan the list. "Okay, one more, is there a Luc in here?"


My heart hammered a beat a little too hard.


It couldn't be helped.

He scanned the room and no one answered. "Okay, no Luc, but the lesson goes on."

The class groaned.

Why wasn't Luc in class?

Gosh, I sound like a mom.

Then it occured to me, Caleb wasn't in class either.

I started to panic as my thoughts wandered around at the possibilities of what could be happening right now but then I told myself I was just being paranoid. I mean, c'mon, Caleb's not in class half the time, it's a norm.

No worries.

*     *.    *.   *.   *

An arm wrapped around my waist, pulling me forcefully back against a warm body and a hand slapped me on the face, the goal was to cover my eyes.

"Guess who?" My captor sang in my ear.

"That fkin hurt, Caleb." I complained, and started swatting at his head blindly.

He laughed and let go of me, dancing away from my swinging arms.

"Where the hell have you been? I swear everyone's disappearing today." It was now lunch, meaning I haven't seen him since, well, since he'd gotten his check up.

I haven't seen Luc either.

It was just an observation. I wasn't one to obsess on anything.. or anyone...

Caleb groaned. "Grimstone. That little shit, giving me a hell a lot of grief."

That didn't exactly explain things but, "Do I wanna know?"

"Nope." He ended with a pop and looked away.

"Whatever, I'm hungry." I whined.

That seemed to cheer him up for some weird reason. He swung his arm over my shoulder and hugged me to him. "Well, we better get our princess here fed and satisfied, shouldn't we?" He teased.

I shoved him. "You're such a dick." I complained.

He got all in my personal space. "You know you love me." He grinned.

I rolled my eyes.

Laughing like a hyena, he pushed open the doors to the large cafeteria. "Princesses first." He held open the door, sweeping his hand out in a grand gesture.

Ignoring him, I went ahead of him, my eyes on the prize. (Food)

However, I had something nagging me. I had a feeling there should be something I should be doing, or seeing. I don't know what it was but it sure made me uneasy as hell and I didn't like it.

Stuffing the feeling away as just it being a weird day today, I continued on.

I passed by a freshman girl who'd sighed. "Why can't I have him?" She sulked, looking somewhere behind me.

Ah. Young, hopeless, crushes. I remember that stage, alright.

Turning around, I couldn't help but take a peak at the clueless crush of the hopeless romantic.

I stopped walking like my legs were put on breaks.

Vaguely, I felt the body of Caleb's slam into my back at my abrupt stop.

"What the hell, Am!"

It was in that moment that I felt the silly little grin that I had worn on my face slowly...slipping off my face like molten lava..

My heart stopped.

It literallly-



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