All That Matters

Annabelle Powers and her two best friends Kayleigh Edison and Katherine Williams are on a trip. They just graduated high school and They're traveling across the United States. What else would three teenage girls do besides fall in love, have fun, and start drama?

-cover by shyviolin I love it it's amazing. This story is also on wattpad my user name is butterflygrl98


5. Chapter 4

Annabelle's P.O.V.

"C'mon! One more time!" I begged Carter. He was my riding buddy and I wanted to go on superman one last time before we left.

"Fine" he said "but only cause you begged" he smirked. I got in line with Carter right behind me.

"OH MY GOSH! YOU'RE CARTER REYNOLDS!" Some one screamed from behind us. I turned around to see a girl who looked around 16 with a boy who looked 17. Carter chuckled slightly and nodded his head yes.

"Can I have a picture?" She asked. I could hear the excitement and emotion in her her voice. "Tony take the picture!" She said shoving her phone into the boy's hand. He grumbled something unintelligible and took the picture. "Thank you so much" she gushed. I watched her wave bye and walk away with Tony trailing behind her. I couldn't help but laugh at her eagerness.

"Why are you laughing?" He asked

"It's funny to see people freaking out over a regular guy" I said truthfully. He just nodded his head in agreement. "What's it like?" I blurt out. "Being internet famous" I add. I heard him sigh.

"Honestly, it gets kind of crazy sometimes. You can never really have any privacy and there's always the fear of letting down your fans but all in all it's great. I'm doing what I love by making people smile and laugh" he says with a small smile. I nod excepting his answer.

"How many?" The worker asks. Carter and I hold up two fingers and she says "okay two, go to seats three and four" 

"You ready?" I ask. I can feel the adrenaline going through my body. Carter nods and we clutch each other's hands giving a small squeeze before the ride starts.

Carter's P.O.V.

"I really want that picture!" Annabelle whined.

"I'm telling you, you need an Instagram. What kind of insane person doesn't have one?" I joked. She just shrugged. We kept walking silently. Did I take the joking too far? I hope not. I cast a sideways glance at her. That's when I noticed her eyes light up.

"I have a twitter!" She yelled. I laughed at her excitement. 

"Well what's your username? I'll follow you and post the picture then you can save the picture" I said. I'm a genius.

"Ummm... I don't really know my username" she mumbled. I laughed loudly causing Cam and Nash to look at us curiously.

"How do not remember your username?" I questioned trying to stop laughing but failing horribly.

"Well, I created my account and I only go on once in a while but I have the app so it has me automatically logged in" I nodded finally understanding.

"Can I use your phone?" I asked. She nodded and started screaming for Kayleigh.

"Kayleigh can I have my phone! It's in your purse!" She yelled causing me to cover my ears. Kayleigh was ahead of us so she stopped and waited for us to catch up. She handed Annabelle her phone and waited for Mahogany to catch up so they could start talking. Annabelle glanced at me before typing in her password and handing me her phone.

I clicked on her twitter app and looked myself up following myself. I quickly got out my phone from my pocket and followed her back. I hear Annabelle laughing and looked up. I barely realized she was ahead of me talking to Matt. Well since she wasn't paying attention I took a picture and added my number to her contacts, calling myself real quick so I could have her number. I debated downloading the Instagram app but decided not to since it was her phone. I caught up to her and Matt and handed her her phone.

"Thanks" she said flashing me a bright smile. I couldn't help but smile back.

"So, how long are you guys gonna be in California for?" Matt asked. 

"A little under two weeks. 12 days to be exact" she said.

"What do you guys have planned for tomorrow?" I asked jumping into the conversation.

"Well we wanted to go to the beach" she said quietly. 

"Cool" Matt said. We kept walking while making small talk.

"Well here's my car" she said looking up at Matt and I. "It was nice meeting you guys" she added softly.

"It was nice meeting you too!" Matt said pulling her in for a hug. I watched as Matt went to say bye to Katherine and Kayleigh. 

"Thank you for being my ride buddy" I said smiling.

"No problem. I had fun and don't forget to tweet me that picture" she said smiling back.

"I won't" I said pulling her in for a hug. I watched as everyone said their goodbyes and they got in their car and drove away.

"They were so cool!" Mahogany said sadly. 

"Don't worry guys we'll keep in touch" Jack J said. I nodded only hoping it was true.

Annabelle's P.O.V.

"That was so much fun!" Kayleigh squealed jumping up and down on our bed.

"It was" Kat said happily. I watched as she dragged Kayleigh down to sitting position next to her. "JJ was by far the cutest" she added.

"JJ?" I questioned quirking a brow and making her blush.

"Nope. Matt is like perfection!" Kayleigh said.

"Well I think Gilinsky is hot" I added. The girls looked at me in shock. "What?" I asked.

"We thought for sure you had a thing for Carter!" Kat answered. I just shrugged.

"Have you seen Gilinsky's eyebrow game?" I asked.

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