All That Matters

Annabelle Powers and her two best friends Kayleigh Edison and Katherine Williams are on a trip. They just graduated high school and They're traveling across the United States. What else would three teenage girls do besides fall in love, have fun, and start drama?

-cover by shyviolin I love it it's amazing. This story is also on wattpad my user name is butterflygrl98


4. Chapter 3

Annabelle's P.O.V.

I napped on the way to six flags and woke up groggy and moody. Not good.

"It's pretty deserted..." Kat said quietly. She was right there weren't as many people as I thought there would be. Don't get me wrong, there were still a lot of people. We bought front of the line passes and made our way inside. 

"Where do we start?" Kayleigh asked jumping up and down excitedly.

"Ummm... How about supe-" I was cut off by a bunch of screams. What the heck? I quickly covered my ears trying to block out the sound as much as possible. What is all this screaming about? I walked as far away from the noise as possible. Dragging Kat and Kayleigh with me. 

"What...the... Heck Was that?" Kat asked. You could see the confusion on her face.

"I'm not sure but it didn't sound good" I said truthfully. Before I knew what was happening a group of people emerged from the crowd of screaming girls. The first person I saw was Jack Johnson.

"Pss..." Kat hissed. "That's blondie" she whispered. 

"Jack" I said quietly. He wasn't kidding when he said he was vine famous. We locked eyes and he stared at me for a moment before whispering to the guy next to him. Jack Gilinsky, I remembered from last night. I watched him point to us and Jack Gilinsky looked over at us. Before I knew it they were coming towards us.

"Hey... Annabelle right?" He asked once he caught up to us. I nodded my head yes.

"Hi Jack" I said in my head I was thinking 'we meet again'.

"This is my friend Jack Gilinsky" he said pointing to him. I just realized he had major eyebrow game. Nice. 

"Hi, I'm Annabelle" I said. Then I remembered my two best friends next to me. "This is Katherine and Kayleigh" I said gesturing to them "guys meet Jack Johnson and Jack Gilinsky" I said pointing to the two handsome guys in front of me.

"I didn't think I'd see you again" I said truthfully. He nodded.

"HEY JACK!" I heard someone shout. I looked to see the boy from the mall who looked really familiar. I watched as the large group of people walked towards us. There were too many people and we were surrounded.

"WHO'S THIS!" A tanned guy with brown hair and brown eyes yelled. There was yelling and talking going on everywhere.

"Guys, calm down and I'll introduce you" Jack said calmly. "This is Annabelle, Katherine, and Kayleigh" he said pointing to each of us.

"Girls... I'd like you to meet-" he started before someone cut him off.

"Wait... Are you saying they don't know who we are?" A teenager with bright blue eyes asked.

"Yes that's what I'm saying" Jack said in an exasperated tone.

"I know one of you guys" Kayleigh said in a shy voice. Kayleigh... Shy? What? She was the most out going out of us three.

"Who do you know?" Gilinsky asked. His eyes filled with hope.

"Well besides Jack and Jack, who I just met, I know Shawn" she said shyly. I finally realized who that was. He's the guy who looks familiar. Shawn Mendes. Kayleigh didn't really fangirl over him but she knew his songs. I watched as Shawn smiled slightly.

"Ok... So you three know Shawn, jack, and I" he said obviously. "This is Cameron Dallas" he said pointing to the tan guy who screamed earlier. "Nash Grier" the blue eyed boy. "Hayes Grier, Taylor Caniff, Matthew Espinosa, Aaron Carpenter, Jacob Whitesides, Carter Reynolds, and Mahogany" he finished off. I waved hi to them all.

"There so many of you guys" I said truthfully.

"Sorry if I forget your names" Kat added. Kayleigh nodded her head in agreement.

"You guys wanna hang out with us?" Mahogany asked. I looked to Kat and Kayleigh for an answer but realized they were already caught up in their own conversations.

"Sure" I said shrugging my shoulders. Before I knew it we had broken off into groups, separating me from my two best friends. 

It was Kat, Jack Johnson, Cameron, Taylor, and Nash in one group; Kayleigh, Aaron, Shawn, Hayes, and Jacob in another group; And Matthew, Carter, Jack Gilinsky, Mahogany, and I in another group. It felt weird being separated from my best friends but I couldn't really do anything about it.

"So... Anna... Sorry! Do you mind if I call you Anna?" Mahogany asked. 

"No it's fine" I say truthfully.

"Where are you from?" She asks

"A small town in Colorado, just outside of Denver" I say with a small smile.

"Colorado. Really?" Someone asks joining in on our conversation. "Sorry to butt in. I'm Carter" he says flashing me a smile. "By the way nice SnapBack" he laughs. I take off my SnapBack and he does the same. Only then do I realize we're wearing the same one. I can't help but laugh.

"Twinsies!" I say still laughing. 

"Let's take a selfie!" Carter says in a white girl voice, making me laugh again.

We both turn our SnapBacks the right way so you can see the front.

"PUMA!" Carter yells taking the picture and catching me off guard. I look at the picture and see my shocked face and Carter making the funniest face ever.

"What's your Instagram username so I can tag you?" He asks.

"Umm I actually don't have an Instagram" I say

"Well were gonna have to fix that" he says with a small smile.

(YAY!!! She finally met Carter. I'm already working on the next chapter. 5 likes? If not it's cool :D )

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