All That Matters

Annabelle Powers and her two best friends Kayleigh Edison and Katherine Williams are on a trip. They just graduated high school and They're traveling across the United States. What else would three teenage girls do besides fall in love, have fun, and start drama?

-cover by shyviolin I love it it's amazing. This story is also on wattpad my user name is butterflygrl98


17. Chapter 15

Carter's P.O.V.

"The girls are on their way down" Jacob said sitting next to Gilinsky. We were in the lobby waiting for them to finish getting ready and the words Taylor said kept running through my head.

I don't like her.... Do I? I mean I've know her for like a month and a half. Is that enough time to start liking some one? Of course it is. Dillon and Kat started after four or five days of knowing each other. They seem to be going great. Look at Matt and Alisha. Dating for two days and they're perfect together. I mean yeah, they're just starting out but, you can tell they go together. But do I like, like Annabelle?. I mean, yeah she's pretty. Scratch that. She's gorgeous. I've thought that multiple times. I've even said it a few times too, but does that really mean I like her? I'm so confused.

"Hey, you guys ready to go?" Hannah asked snapping me out of my thoughts. We all got up and walked to the cabs waiting outside.

"We have to make this super fun. It's our last day here!" Annabelle said with a pout on her face. She was squished in between Johnson and I. Hannah was another car with Taylor and Aaron. Jacob, Mahogany, and Gilinsky were in another, and Kayleigh, Shawn, Sammy, and Hayes were packed into another.

We should've rented a van. I thought to myself.

"Carter! Are you listening?" Annabelle asked snapping her fingers in front of my face. I could hear Johnson laughing next to her.

"Sorry, I zoned out. What's up?" I said turning all my attention to her.

"It's our last day here!" She sighed sadly.

"I know" I frowned.

"Don't worry. We'll keep in touch" Johnson said hugging her from the side.

Annabelle's P.O.V.

"Don't worry we'll keep in touch" JJ said hugging me. I couldn't help but frown at his comment. He told me the same thing last time and I didn't hear from them for three weeks. I wouldn't be able to handle it this time. I was too close to them. They were family now. Just the thought of never talking to them made me tear up.

"Hey what's wrong?" Carter asked as the car rolled to a stop. I was trying to hold back my tears while Johnson paid the cab driver. I followed Carter out the car and into the bowling ally before running off to the bathroom.

Hannah's P.O.V.

"Where'd Anna go?" I asked Carter and Jack Johnson. Johnson just shrugged. I looked to Carter for an answer.

"She was upset and ran off to the bathroom" he said. Great. I thought to myself as I made my way to the bathroom.

"Am I the only one who thinks she's been really emotional?" Kayleigh asked catching up to me.

"Nope" I said laughing.

"Boys, will do that to you" Mahogany added.

"More like crushes" I muttered.

"You think Carter did this?" Kayleigh asked.

"Probably" I said opening the door to the women's bathroom. "Anna... Are you ok"?" I asked walking up to her and giving her a hug.

"What did Carter do?" Mahogany asked joining the hug. I elbowed her knowing, if Anna was upset with him, she won't want to hear his name. "Ow! Sorry" she muttered. Causing Annabelle to laugh.

"It wasn't Carter. It was JJ" she said backing out of the hug.

"What did he do?" Kayleigh asked.

"He said we'd keep in touch!" She shouted now angry. Uh-oh.

"Oh" Mahogany and I said at the same time.

"Wait, I'm confused" Kayleigh said.

"He said that to her last time" I filled in having heard the story before.

"He told me that they were gonna keep in touch too" mahogany said.

"Hey! Da crew is all here!" Alisha shouted walking through the door with Kat following behind her.

"What are you guys doing here?" Kayleigh asked in shock.

"Carter called" Kat said smiling.







Hey guys! I hope you like the update. What do you think about what Johnson said? Anyways... I'm leaving for Prescott Arizona in 5 hours! YAY!

QOTC: I wanna do a cover on youtube. What song? I was thinking tides but I'm not sure.

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