All That Matters

Annabelle Powers and her two best friends Kayleigh Edison and Katherine Williams are on a trip. They just graduated high school and They're traveling across the United States. What else would three teenage girls do besides fall in love, have fun, and start drama?

-cover by shyviolin I love it it's amazing. This story is also on wattpad my user name is butterflygrl98


13. chapter 11

Carter's P.O.V.

"All I'm saying is you made a mistake" Matt told me as we walked to our hotel room three doors down.

"I know" I sighed. "I just don't know what to do now" I said quietly.

"Apologize" Aaron said shrugging his shoulders.

"Dude, he can't just apologize. He has to do something big" Matt said. I nodded agreeing with him. We walked in and Dillon and Kat were in the living room talking and watching tv. We walked in and she glared at me. Great, what did I start?

"C'mon Kat" Dillon said getting up from the couch. I watched as he held his hand out to help her up and she took it. Kat glared at me as she walked by me and out the door. Dillon was walking out with her but Matt stopped him.

"Where are you guys going?" Matt asked.

"On a date" Dillon said blushing.

"What?!" Aaron shouted. Dillon just walked out and caught up with Kat. "I can't believe it" Aaron said shocked.

"Well he has to make it up to her someway" I said.

"True" Aaron agreed.

Kat's P.O.V.

Dillon and I were sitting on the couch watching tv when Carter walked into the room. That jerk broke my best friend's heart, we are not on speaking terms right now. Dillon knew I was uncomfortable so we left.

"Where are we going?" I asked once he caught up with me.

"It's a surprise" he said with a shy smile. I couldn't help but laugh. "C'mon" he said grabbing my hand. We ran down the halls of the hotel and down the stairs to the lobby. We tried to walk past the front desk calmly but we failed. When we got outside a cold breeze hit me and I shivered.

"Please! Just tell me where we're going!" I begged.

"We're almost there" he said grabbing my hand and swinging it back and forth. I couldn't help but laugh at his childish ways. "We're here!" He said smiling.

"Oh my gosh! Dillon! You didn't have to!" I squealed in delight.

"I wanted to make it up to you. I know I was a jerk the first day we met and I'm sorry" he said sadly. I just hugged him tightly.

"Skates for two" Dillon told the concierge. He payed and we left to put on our skates.

"How'd you know I like ice skating?" I asked. He smiled.

"Kayleigh" I said blushing a little bit.

"Thank you again for this. It's been forever since I went ice skating" I told him.

"Let's go!" He said dragging me onto the ice.

"Dillon stop!" I laughed as he spun me in circles. He finally stopped and everything else was still spinning. "Whoa" I said as I almost fell. Dillon grabbed me by the waist and held me close to him.

"You ok?" He asked chuckling. I just nodded looking into his blue/gray eyes. Before I knew it we both started leaning in. The kiss was soft and sweet. "Sorry" he said quietly. I looked down and blushed.

"It's ok" I said wrapping my arms around his neck and kissing him back. When we pulled away he blushed and grabbed my hand. We skated out the rink and gave our shoes back. On the walk home I couldn't stop thinking about our kisses. Does he like me? Or was it just a spur of the moment thing? We were almost to the hotel when I realized Dillon wasn't beside me anymore. I turned around and saw him running towards me.

"I saw a stand... And... Had to get you one" he said, out of breath, handing me the most beautiful red rose I've ever seen. "I really like you Kat" he said. I smiled to myself. "Will you give me a second chance and be my girlfriend?" He asked. I was speechless. The most caring and sweet guy I've ever met just asked me out.

"Of course" I said giving him a hug.

"So..." He said nervously. I watched him scratch the back of his neck awkwardly. "Did you want to go public?" He asked. "I'm sure my fans will love you but there will be hate" he said sadly.

"If you want to tell your fans you can. I can handle the hate" I said giving him a kiss on the cheek. He smiled widely.

"Can we tell them now?" He asked excitedly. I chuckled and nodded yes. We took a selfie I watched him post it on twitter. A couple seconds later I got a twitter notification.

'Dillon Rupp: guys! Meet my girlfriend @kat_will she's beautiful and doesn't deserve hate' I couldn't help but smile at his tweet. We held hands the whole way back to the hotel.

*Two Days Later*

Annabelle's P.O.V.

I'm so stupid. I'm crying over a guy I barely know.

"Annabelle..." Kat sighed.

"C'mon, Johnson said he wanted you to come" Alisha said grabbing my hand and dragging me out of bed.

"I don't want to go" I said. "Carter doesn't want anything to do with me" I added sadly. If he doesn't want to be my friend then so be it.

"Whatever" Kayleigh huffed. "We're going to see them at the Sunsation tour. Don't mope around when Johnson is mad at you too!" Kayleigh said storming out.

"She's right you know" Kat said following after her. I sighed and stared at Alisha.

"Everything will be okay. I promise" she said hugging me. After they left I sat there. What am I doing moping around? I'm not gonna let some guy, ok he's not just some guy but still, control my life.

What to wear? I thought to myself. I grabbed my maroon skater skirt and my black crop top and changed. I curled my hair and slipped on my black doc martins and left. If Im gonna see Carter I'm gonna show him what he's missing. Not just by looking good but by having a good time with my friends. I was walking out the hotel when I bumped into someone. "Sorry" I mumbled.

"Anna!" The person screamed hugging me.

"Hannah! What are you doing here?" I asked my little sister.

"The girls told me you were down" she said giving me a sad smile.

"I'm doing a little better. I'm on my way to the Sunsation thingy. You wanna come?" I asked.

"Sure, can I put my bags in the room?" She asked. I nodded and headed back to the hotel room.

"This is nice" she said setting her bags down by my bed. "You have your own room and everything" she said shaking her head.

"Let's go" I said grabbing her hand and pulling her out the door.

*** (the * means that time has passed)

"Do you know where the Sunsation tour is being held?" I asked the cab driver.

"Of course I do. I've taken about three trips there in one night" he said shaking his head. "A bunch of girls screaming in the back seat gets annoying" he said.

"Well, your about to take one more" I said.


"Thanks" I said handing him a 20 dollar bill. "Here we are" I said sighing.

"You ready?" Hanna asked linking her arm with mine. I nodded and walked through the back.

"Hey! You're Carter's friend. Come in" said the security guard. I was backstage when I heard some one on the mic.

"We brought a couple guest. Why don't you guys come out" Matt said. He was on stage with Dillon,Carter, and Aaron. I watched the rest of the boys and Mahogany run on stage. The crowd went wild.

"We also have a few new members to our family" Dillon said. "Girls come on out!" He yelled. I then watched Alisha, Kayleigh and Kat run on stage. "For those of you who don't know, this beautiful girl here" he said gesturing to Kat. "Is my girlfriend" he said wrapping an arm around her waist. WHAT?! When did this happen? Why didn't anyone tell me?

"There are two people missing" Aaron said. I watched as Aaron handed the mic to Shawn and ran over to us.

"Nice to finally meet you Hannah!" He said hugging my sister. What the heck is going on? "Let's go!" He said dragging us on stage. "This is Annabelle and Hannah Powers. The last two members of our family" I'm so confused. They have a lot of explaining to do.





Hey guys! So what did you think of the chapter? I totally ship Killon! So this chapter is dedicated to my two friends Anna and Alisha. Anna is Hannah in the story and Alisha is of course.... Alisha! :) I hope you liked it.

QOTC: what is your favorite Shawn Mendes song? Mine is The Weight.

Btw... I will be updating Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays :)

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