Sex life

Camilla is living the life. She has all the money she needs. Only one thing. She has to earn it buy having sex with people.


1. Camilla Violet Williams

Hi I'm Camilla Violet Williams,

I am 22 years old, I live alone in a pretty big apartment in New York. At Nineteen years old I started living in my apartment. Yes, I have purple hair, light purple on the top and darker purple on the bottom. I die it every month. Why? Cause my middle name is Violet. I don't get bored alone at home, I either have a girl or guy over. I don't really like girls, I just get paid for it. I get paid for Sex. That's pretty much my life. Sex. Parties. Drinking. Smoking. I'm addicted. I always used to be the "good girl" to my parents, now I never talk to them. They want nothing to do with me.

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