Avoiding the dark

One, you only listen to me,
Two, you never fight me.
Three, you never leave unless with my supervision.
And four? Your mine..

Elizabeth hasn't lived a so called normal life and it's most likely she won't ever get a second chance.

What will happen when Haven is to maybe let down his wall for the first time..


3. What Has Begun. May Just Never End

I glance at the so called Haven. And quickly look down at my feet. So I won't have to respond with a frightened stare. I see his feet stepping closer and I shuffle myself into a ball. He lifts my chin up and positions me to look into his eyes as he examines my face. "You have good looks, this will be perfect" I let out a whimper and his eyes go cold and he grins. He grips my arm tightly and pulls me up a long stairway, letting out a small chuckle as we get to the top. Bringing me into a small room with a mattress on the ground and a blanket. On one tight corner of the room there is a small basket for dirty clothing. And on the other was a small droor with clothing slightly hanging on the outside. "Now the girls that were here before you were a bit bigger than you so the clothing may be loose. Oh and another thing you belong to me and only me so if someone touches you that isn't me you scream.. Wait can you even speak?" I glance at him for a quick second and look back down at my feet. " well if you know what's good for you , you will scream. I'm going to go downstairs with the boys. So get out of those rags and come downstairs to meet them when your done. They can be very pushy so remember that you are mine.." He walks out leaving me in a room to get changed out of the yellow rags those men at that slave place had put me in. So I did , I found a pair of black lace looking leggings and a plain blue t-shirt. I sat on the mattress and began to sob quietly, thinking what will happen to me and how are my foster parents reacting to me not coming home from school at any time lately...

Havens P.O.V.

I hear sobs coming from the room on the other side of the door coming from the terrified girl. I feel a slight feeling of sadness I shrug it off and start walking down the saris towards the boys. In the living room I hear them holding a conversation. " so hav- got a new girl?" "Yes I did, an she's quite the beauty." I say making an entrance into the room. "are you gonna let us see her at any point?" I shrug and plop to the couch in between Everett and Axel and on the other couch sat Harry, Henry and Edward. They all looked at me in anticipation awaiting some sort of answer and I sat back and waited for that girl to get here..

Elizabeth's P.O.V.

I walk downstairs hearing laughter in the other room I shuffle my feet in and see Haven with 5 other boys with him. Haven doesn't notice me but the 5 other boys on the other couch do they smirk and each give a small chuckle while staring at me.. Haven notices soon enough and turns to me. He smiles "I'll go a chair for you" says Haven. He stands up and goes somewhere off to the left leaving my quiet self alone with 5 other boys. They all stand up slowly and quickly approach me. I take multiple steps back and end up having my back bump against the wall.. I let out as much sound as I could make out which was ending up to just be a quiet whimper. They grab my arms, lifting my feet of the ground and dragging me back upstairs. I muster up the courage and make a sound shrieking scream I feel the hard sting on my left cheek, followed by a burning pain. They take me back to the basically empty room where the only noticeable thing there is a simple mattress laying on the concrete floor. They throw me to the mattress and I feel an unbearable pain as my head passed the mattress and lands on the cold concrete instead. They all approach me once more and I let out one more scream before they grab me and throw me back down to the ground. They form a circle around me and begin to kick and and hit my body as I already feel bruises forming.

I hear the door slam open and I see Haven standing there with a worried look while taking deep, shaky breaths. The boys that were kicking me a second ago had already stopped and were starring anxiously at Haven. I let out a quivering sigh and end up whimpering like a lost puppy and I accidentally draw unwanted attention to myself. "What the fuck guys!! Why are you hurting her!?" "She wouldn't stop screaming" complains one of the guys. "Because I told her to incase any you guys tried to molest her." " we all know that you just want her first" one of the guys mutters. All of the boys chuckle to the smart comment but Haven just glares at him, not knowing how to react to that comment. "Just get out and get to your rooms!" He yells.

By then everything goes black and my hearing fades. And I hear music, something you would hear from a music box. It was soft and beautiful and then I remember...

Well..! I hope you guys like it.. I'm trying really hard to keep myself motivated. Please give me some feed back. The writing kept un-saving some how so I wrote it back the best I could place it in my head..

Like I said I'm trying to stay motivated so motivational comments and request would help thanks!!

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