Avoiding the dark

One, you only listen to me,
Two, you never fight me.
Three, you never leave unless with my supervision.
And four? Your mine..

Elizabeth hasn't lived a so called normal life and it's most likely she won't ever get a second chance.

What will happen when Haven is to maybe let down his wall for the first time..


4. The Fateful Memories

The music played in the back of my head and I managed to hum along as I still remembered the fateful day my parents died.. Mom and dad were fighting and I was trying my hardest to stay strong and emotionless..

A loud sound comes from the left and we already notice it was too late to stop.. The train was so close.. I don't know how I made it..

My 9th birthday at the orphanage I went to the park along with a couple other children a little older then me.. We decided to play hide and seek. A boy that was 14 told me that he knew the perfect place to hide.. He took me into the boys bathroom and the rest was a painful trauma I pushed from my brain.. Why did no one help me when I screamed? I was so scared and I still am now..

The memories fade, and my eyes start to burn with tears.. I shoot up opening my eyes. But quickly regret it when seeing Haven looking worried, to my right.. I slowly close my eyes, hoping he didn't notice my outburst.. I hide under the large blanket and wipe off my tears but they continue to rush down..

I hear a sigh from Haven..

His cell starts ringing and he takes a deep breath before clicking answer to his phone.

Haven: yes?

:She's still asleep..

:Ok bye..

Hearing the conversation end.. He lets out another sigh before standing up and walking out of the room, closing the door behind him..

I slowly sit up and realize that I'm not in my "room" I'm in a very large bed with black sheets and blankets.. I slowly get out of the bed and tip toe my way to the door.. Opening it I quietly walk back to my own empty room..

Leaning against the wall I begin to cry so hard that my nose is stuffed up and I can hardly breathe.. I'm always alone when I am sad..

I dry my face and sit there with and emotionless expression..

The only thing I know what to do when I'm sad is to sing. I begin to sing the song that my parents were and I were last listening to before new memories with them could be created..

Tears begin falling once again and I don't bother to care..

The mattress had a sharp spring sticking out.. I took a deep breath and yanked it and it loosely fell onto the floor..

I looked at my wrist before I willingly glided the sharp edge along my wrist.. It really hurt but throughout today I've felt worse..

The door slowly opened and I see Haven.. I throw down the spring and hide my wrist before he saw anything.. I lower my face and look down..

The aura in the room was troubling. I stayed quiet, but a whimper from the crying I was doing was let out and he instantly came closer..

He noticed the spring and looked puzzled..

"Where did you get this?" "The mattress" I say anxiously.. "What was it needed for?" I stay quiet and hope he can't tell what I'm hiding.. "I need to use a bathroom" I say. "Fine I'll take you there" he says while walking out the door.. I get up to follow him but wince and fall to the ground..

Haven runs back in the room and carries me back to the room I was in earlier.. "What hurts?" "My leg" I reply. He runs out and disappears.. I don't hear anything ,come to think of it I can't see anything either..


Beeps are repeated from my left and I open my eyes confused.. I'm still in the same room but it's as if I were in a hospital..

I sit up and get out of the bed detaching the wires that were once attached to me..

Noticing a bandage on the cut I had made.. Made me realize that Haven has now seen it..

I walk downstairs seeing the un forgettable living room where I had once run into my abusers.. They were all sitting there once again except for the fact that Haven was not there.. "Well if it isn't the bitch sleeping beauty" I quiver..

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