Avoiding the dark

One, you only listen to me,
Two, you never fight me.
Three, you never leave unless with my supervision.
And four? Your mine..

Elizabeth hasn't lived a so called normal life and it's most likely she won't ever get a second chance.

What will happen when Haven is to maybe let down his wall for the first time..


1. Oh The Luck Of Me

The orange and yellow leafs crunch as my black punk looking boots touch the ground. The air coming out of my mouth as I exhale instantly turning into fog. The walks to school were always slow and chilly during fall. But mainly my favorite season. My rust coloured hair was curled the day before so the curls were now loose and flowing through the breeze. Today was the first day of school I have had in a long time. You see, I was in school up until I was around 7. Until my parents died.. Then I was in a orphanage till this summer when I was adopted. I am now 14. I know people say 14 is a young age but I've matured.. A lot and I feel like if my mind were compared to the average 14 year olds mind they would think I'm 17. I make it to my destination and look up from my feet. The school seemed new with its large shape and windows for walls. But I didn't like it. Not because of the school but because of the people. I hate people.

Walking into the school was like being at a one direction concert. My schedule and locker combination had been sent to me over mail so I already had tightly gripped it in my hands.. I read the locker number over in my head while flickering at my map. It's on the other side of the school.. Great. I look up once again to see a clean row of tables with few people at almost all of them either doing there homework or chatting amongst their friends around the table.


Already staring at my locker I examine the red lockers placed side by side through out the hall way. I unlock it and gaze at the empty inside and comparing it to the many girls that had put up pictures of the boys they fantasized of, while me sticking a nirvana picture to the door and grinning happily to myself, I put the extra paper and other unwanted school equipment in my locker and close it. I look down at my schedule and see that I have art first. The art room was just around the corner in the red hall way so I sat down at my locker and started drawing a scene that had been placed in my head after reading Narnia.. Until the bell rang.

I walked into the empty class to notice that only the teacher was there. He was tall and wit with a plain black suite with a matching black tie. "Hi I'm Elizabeth" since it is to be the first day of school for everyone I didn't state the fact that I was new. "Good morning and nice to meet you" he gave me a smile showing his white teeth and I nooded and looked a the the seating setup. Just simple separated rows. I pick the back corner seat that is seated right next to the outside of the school and it's damn windows for walls. I hide from the world and pull out my phone seeing that I had a couple notifications from an app somewhat like hot or not and saw that they were messages from people that I thought were very appealing and georgous.

Tony; hey babe ;) your cute..

Elizabeth: really? I thought I was satan that accidentally got mistakes for someone named babe..

Tony: your different. I like that ;)

Elizabeth: go fuck yourself..

I then blocked him and deleted the conversation. GOD I wish I could meet a guy with witty banter and remarkable comebacks and sarcasm.. I know I hate people but c'mon it sucks.. Maybe I just need to date some other the same age as my mind..

The class goes by and several others do until the lunch bell rings and I sigh to relief. I walk out of the school making my way to a fast food place nearby. Walking in I completely regret my choices seeing as to how crowded in here. I'm make it up to the front asking for a smoothie and a box of fries.. The guys hands me what I needed but says I don't have to pay.. I question him why and he tells me that someone had payed for me. I ask who it is and he says he can't say. I shrug it off and mumble a thank you as grabbing my food and pushing my way out the door.. I get back to school with 40 minutes left of lunch time. I walk to the field and sit against a goal post because no one seemed to be around during such chilly weather. I hug myself with one arm and eat with the other until I'm finished. I begin got draw on my note pad once again. I hear the churches of leaves behind me and it sounds like four or more people. I stand up quickly leaving my smoothie on the ground and I hear the steps quicken and I soon realize that they were following me.. I begin to run taking deep breaths as the fog covers my eyes every couple seconds that I exhale. The steps are quickly catching up to me as proof that they are running as well. I am harshly hulled back by my hood making me instantly drop to my back. I wince and before I see anything every thing goes black and I'm sure I fainted..

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