Avoiding the dark

One, you only listen to me,
Two, you never fight me.
Three, you never leave unless with my supervision.
And four? Your mine..

Elizabeth hasn't lived a so called normal life and it's most likely she won't ever get a second chance.

What will happen when Haven is to maybe let down his wall for the first time..


2. Life Has Changed

I hear crying of many to what it sounds like girls?.. I make an attempt of opening my eyes but the light was bright so I squinted them slightly until I was used to it. I looked around and noticed that I was in a cage tall enough for me to stand but it still made me feel chlostraphobic.

I look around to see girls in cages all along the wall next to me. They were all either crying or huddled in a ball not showing any sort of emotion at all. I guy roughly slammed the door open an hastily walks in. He smirks his lips and makes his way around the room staring at each and every one of the girls. He makes his way over to me and roughly grabs my arm making my scream but he quickly shuts me up by slapping my face. " you are the new victim of the trades honey, now you better be good or you'll get hurt." Being as fucking scared as I am I just nod and let him drag me out of the room. He shoves me onto a clear black floor and lights gleam around me.

And I instantly know what they are doing I'm being auctioned off to some psycho murderer. After being there for a good 5 minutes the same guys grips my arm evan further from where I woke up. He opens a black door to reveal a small room with an old man with pure white hair and a fancy suite with a large frown on is face the then bring in a almost dog cage on wheels contraption. And the shove me in it. I tell myself to remain calm and to not worry about a thing.. They throw me in a black car and drag me off.


The older man exited the car and then opened the door for me. But still quickly he grips my arm tightly and continues to pull me into a large house. We enter and he locks the door behind him and taking the keys with him. I look around the tall structure. "Master the young.. Whore is here" "Dimitri please do not call these girls whores" "yes sire.. She's completely new with no training and no experiences a you requested" " thanks dimitri" " not a problem sir Haven"

I hear slow steps and notice an about 18 year old male with dark chocolate brown hair and faded blue eyes that almost looked gray.. He was fit and tall with a grin playing on his face. "Evening miss?" "E- liz-abeth" I say shakily.. " ahh miss Elizabeth" he says with a rich tone. "I'm Haven, the one that you will now obey.now there are some rules.. One, you only listen to me,

Two, you never fight me.

Three, you never leave unless with my supervision.

And four? Your mine..

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