Our Scenario

***Our Scenario is a story that we (Diona and Dinnea) have been writing since 2010. Back then we were too afraid to post it on any websites because we didn't know what kind of feedback we would get. Almost 5 years in the making, we're proud to share it with all of you, and we really do appreciate all the subscribers, views, and votes we have and will receive!***


3. Welcome to Shotoku High

Dinnea’s POV: I got up and got ready for school. I had to put on a uniform that consisted of a skirt, blouse, long socks, and penny loafers. Meanwhile Diona was just getting out of bed

 Diona’s POV: I woke up sluggishly then realized where we were and what was going on. I went to shower and afterwards made breakfast. I had to wear the same outfit as Dinnea, but I wore some jewelry and makeup. I found Dinnea when it was time to go “you ready for this?” “Yeah I’m psyched!” I smiled and we started our walk to school.

          It took fifteen minutes to get there, but when we got to school we were totally lost and didn’t know where the main office was. We were getting stares from everyone which made me feel weird, but Dinnea seemed to be just fine. “Uhm Dinnea? We need to find the main office because this is really awkward” I said under my breath. Right as she was going to ask someone to help us, the bell rang and everyone headed off to class. “Great, this is hopeless” I thought to myself. “Konnichiwa” Dinnea and I turned around to see a tall Asian guy with shoulder length hair and a bright smile. “Hi” we both said shyly thinking the same thing: This guy looks GOOD! He started speaking quickly in Japanese but stopped after looking at our confused faces and laughed lightly. It was a cute and simple laugh that someone could grow used to. He put his hands on his chest and simply said “Kiyo” “Kiyo?” Dinnea asked, and he nodded smiling. We told him our names and he repeated them, pointing to each of us.    

          Just then, a man walked up and started talking to Kiyo. They talked for a bit until finally the man spoke our familiar language with a very strong accent. “Welcome ladies to Shutoku High. I am Principal Mazamaki. If you have questions please ask. Here are your schedules. Please get to class.” We took our schedules and I noticed that Kiyo was studying me very closely which embarrassed me. Principal Mazamaki translated saying that he would show us to our classes. We took Dinnea first, then Kiyo walked close to me and eventually we made it to mine. I smiled and said thanks. He replied in Japanese, winked, and smiled while walking away.

 Dinnea’s POV: I walked into class and everybody immediately stopped talking. I felt their probing eyes on me, then sensei started to introduce me to the class. Thank God I had learned Japanese before we came because I understood everything he said. After he finished I answered “Please welcome me into your class; take care of me”. The students seemed to lighten up. Some even said Konnichiwa to me. The teacher gave me the book for the class and notes on what they’ve been studying so far.

            As class continued, I realized how completely different it was compared to back in the states. Sensei Shitouro was in the middle of a math problem when the door opened. Everyone except me looked over, but I was too busy trying to figure out the math problem. After the person sat down, I kept having the strangest feeling that someone was watching me. I tried to ignore it, but the feeling kept bothering me. I looked up and realized the person that was watching me was Kiyo? I waved at him and smiled trying to be polite. He stared a few seconds more, and looked away. “Ok…? What a weirdo.” Everyone rushed out once class was over, but I was still packing away my things. Finally finished, I walked towards the door, when an arm blocked me from exiting. Frightened, I looked around the corner to again find Kiyo? Wait…this wasn’t Kiyo. This guy had the same smooth marble skin and facial structure as Kiyo, but his eyes were as clear as the ocean. His hair was longer, he was a little taller, and he had an edge to him.

          We stared at each other for maybe three seconds until I cleared my throat and looked away. Good thing I had great self-control, because when I spoke, my voice didn’t shake. “Hi, um I don’t think we’ve met. I’m Dinnea, an exchange student from the-“ “I know who you are.” He said cutting me off. “Ok, since you’re so smart, what else do you know about me?” I challenged. He smiled pulling down his arm and crowded me back into the classroom saying “You’re seventeen years old, you have a friend named Diona, she’s also American, you’re from Tennessee, and your favorite color is blue.” I tried not to let his words bother me by countering back “People talk, you could’ve gotten that info from anyone, and blue is everyone’s favorite color. You might be a little creepy and have a lot of time on your hands, but nobody knows me better than me.” With that I walked out of the room leaving him standing there shocked. “Man people in this school sure are weird” I thought as I rushed to find my next class.

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