Our Scenario

***Our Scenario is a story that we (Diona and Dinnea) have been writing since 2010. Back then we were too afraid to post it on any websites because we didn't know what kind of feedback we would get. Almost 5 years in the making, we're proud to share it with all of you, and we really do appreciate all the subscribers, views, and votes we have and will receive!***


4. Welcome to Shotoku High: Part 2

Diona's POV: I walked into my first class, my heart pounding. I slide the door open and everyone looked. The teacher paused, and smiled warmly. Motioning for me to come inside she said, "Come in." When I steeped in, she gestured me to come in front of the class and introduce myself. My Japanese still wasn't perfect so I could manage to say was, "Hi everyone, my name is Diona and I'm from the U.S." I sat down in the middle of the class, and the teacher started talking again. I wasn't really paying attention, but everyone soon moved into the labs. Hesitantly getting up I didn’t know what to do, or who to go with. "Diona." I turned at the sound of my name. There were three girls looking at me. Although we were all wearing the same uniform, they looked better dressed than the other girls, but I didn’t really care because I only knew two people here, and nobody seemed interested enough to ask me to work with them. The girls were really nice, sparing me from any deep conversations they kept speech simple and it was easy for me to understand them. They let me help with measuring the liquids, and in no time we had had our hypothesis and conclusion of the science experiment. I was enjoying myself so much that when the bell rang. I was completely off guard. "I hope all my classes are like this…" I thought to myself as I Struggled to find my next class.

            Second period wasn't so bad either because Kiyo was in my class. When I walked in, he was turned around talking to a friend. Catching his friend stare, Kiyo turned around and his face lit slightly. I smiled and since there wasn’t an open seat beside him, I sat in the back of the class. He looked back a few times smiling, and I smiled back.

            Math wasn't my best subject, so this period went by slowly and I couldn’t wait for it to be over. I looked at my schedule for a few minutes before the bell rang. "fourth lunch. Ok Diona, you just have to survive one more period, until lunch.." Looking up at the label above the door I stepped inside for Japanese history.

            Having the lovely option of eating in the homeroom classroom, or opting out for the cafeteria, I took my chances with the second option. Surprisingly I found the lunchroom with little difficulty. There was an empty table that I was about to sit at, when I felt someone tap my shoulder. Looking over I saw… "Kiyo? Oh hey." losing count of how many times I've smiled today, I could slowly feel my face lift into a grin. Waving, he gestured towards a table beside us. I saw a big group of his friends laughing, socializing, and sharing food with one another. I was about to accept his offer when I heard my name from behind. Turning around I saw the three girls from my science class motioning for me to come sit with them. Torn between the two, Kiyo could sense the struggle. "Go." he said softly, understanding the situation. I was about to protest when he gently touched my shoulders, and turned me in their direction. Dipping my head slightly, to cover the blush that was creeping up my face, I scurried towards the girls table. I sat down blowing out a sigh, when I was suddenly bombarded by questions. "Do you know him?" "What did he whisper to you?!" "Are you guys friends?" What's he like?" Lifting my hands I paused them. "Girls girls calm down. I don’t really know him all that well. We actually met today, and he's just being nice. Besides why would he be interested in hanging out with someone like me anyway." Poking my food, I just wanted lunch to be over. It took everything in me not to turn around and look at him. Thankfully time rolled by fast, and I jetted out of the cafeteria almost tripping over my feet. Well if people weren't staring before, they sure were staring NOW!


Dinnea's POV: If there was a scale to how weird my lunch period was, then it would probably have been and 8 out of 10. First I didn’t have a place to sit, and second people kept staring at me. They act like this was their first time seeing a black girl before. (Probably was…) Third well…when I finally found an empty table next to the window, the stares became worse. Suddenly I sensed someone beside me. Glancing over I jerked back shocked. "So it's you again…" Glaring at the creepy guy from earlier, he was now sitting a seat away from me. "Well…I do sit here, and this is MY table." He said in a low intimidating voice. If I wasn’t so annoyed I would have probably thought his tone was kinda sexy, but NOPE!

            "I don’t see your name on it, so this table is free to anyone who wants to sit here." I fired back. Cracking a small smile he slowly leaned back in his chair. "Your new here, so I would expect you not to know the rules around here yet, but THIS table….is MY table." With that he pulled out a sharpie from his pocket, ripping the top off with his teeth, he started to write something on the table. When he was done I tried to decipher what it said, but his katakana was too sloppy.

"Well I'm still not moving." I stubbornly said. I didn’t care who this dude was, he couldn’t make me do anything I didn't want to. Running his hands through his hair, I followed his movements. Distracted by this simple gesture, I didn’t notice him moving closer to me. His eyes were so beautiful… Blinking a couple of times I looked away. "Have you ever heard of personal space? I believe your beyond the comfort zone there buddy." I said wanting him to back away from me. Where was Diona when I needed her?! "I'm sorry does this bother you? Well you sitting here also bothers me. Moving would fix the problem for the both of us you know." he said as he scooted even closer, to where our thighs were touching.

            "No." I said staying strong, but was slightly shaking. No wonder people never wanted to be near him, he was a jerk. Physically moving my chair over I took a deep breath before asking, "So creepy guy what's your name, since you can't help but be near me." Chuckling a little he put the cap back on his sharpie. "Are all girls from the U.S. this rude?" "Are all guys in Japan as weird as you?" "Touché. Well I guess first name bases should be given considering you think what's mine is yours." Fingering the writing on the table as if making a last minute decision he said, "I'm Ta_" Just then the bell rang. Scooting the chair back he stood up towering over me with his height. "Maybe next time." And with that he winked, walking away with his hands in his pockets. Could this day get any weirder…


Diona's POV: The rest of the day was chill. I was disappointed that Dinnea and I didn’t have any classes together. I don’t think I even saw her! If I could choose my worst classes out of the whole day, I'd say it was my eighth period class. Form the moment I stepped in, I felt unwelcomed. Mostly from this girl named Naomi.

            I was very good with computers, and my last class was computer technology, so I wasn’t shy when it came to showing what I knew in the class. I went to sharpen my pencil, and when I came back there was a note. Looking at it I wasn’t quite sure what it said, so I gazed around the room to try and figure out who wrote it. "I'll just ask Dinnea what it says later." I thought as the final bell of school rang.

            After I got my books for tonight's homework, I went outside and saw Dinnea waiting for me. "Hey…how was your first day?" "Pretty good. I'm starting to make friends already." I said. "How about yours?" "Kinda weird. I met this guy who I thought was kiyo because they look almost exactly alike, but he's completely opposite from him!" "That is weird." I said trailing off. By now we had started our walk home, then I remembered the note. "Oh yeah. What does this say?" Dinnea took the note. "It says. Stay away if you know what's good for you. Who gave this to you?" "I'm not sure…it was on my desk when I sat back down." "Well I guess we'll find out soon enough." Dinnea said.


Dinnea's POV: That night I had the hardest time falling asleep, usually I slept like a baby, but I found myself tossing and turning instead. When I finally did go under, my sweet dream was quickly morphed into a nightmare. I was trapped, and I didn’t know how to get out of it.

            There I was standing in a hallway, wearing my school uniform. Looking around I started to walk forward. I was surrounded by classrooms that were unoccupied by any students. I was all alone, loneliness quickly began to form. Feeling uneasy about everything, I started to walk faster. The moon outside the windows was my only source of light to see where I was going.

            Finally making it to the end of the hallway there were a set of stairs… I was about to make my way down when I heard laughter coming up from them. Slightly taken aback by this, I gripped the railing. "Hello..? Is anyone there?" I asked. Suddenly a shadow started coming up the stairs. Squeezing tighter to the rail I asked again. "Hello, is someone there?" The shadow unexpectedly stopped walking. Straightening upright, it stood close to over six feet tall.  Abruptly flinging itself towards me, I turned and took off running I the opposite direction. I ran as fast my feet could take me, but it felt like wasn't making any progress. It felt like I was being suspended in air with time slowing down around me. Looking over my shoulder, the figure was getting closer. With every second it got closer to me, the more I realized it wasn’t a shadow, it was a man! Not any kind of man, he was a man with…"Blue eyes." I whispered.

            Waking me up out of the dream, I was breathing so hard that you would have thought I'd just got done running a marathon. There was perspiration all over my body, with my hair was matted and out of place. Cupping my hands over my eyes I tried to collect my thoughts. My breathing eventually steadied, and I stopped shaking. Looking over at the clock, it showed 5:30 in the morning. "Damn." I whispered. There was no point in going back to sleep, so I mustered the strength to get out of bed and get ready for school. In the back of my mind I couldn’t help think about the dream I had. The empty school, the long hallway, the stairs, and the shadow guy. Those eyes, I've seen those eyes before… There was no mistaking who they belonged to, the mysterious guy from school.  

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