Our Scenario

***Our Scenario is a story that we (Diona and Dinnea) have been writing since 2010. Back then we were too afraid to post it on any websites because we didn't know what kind of feedback we would get. Almost 5 years in the making, we're proud to share it with all of you, and we really do appreciate all the subscribers, views, and votes we have and will receive!***


9. Unfinished Business

Dinnea'sPOV: Recovering from my shock after catching Diona eavesdropping on us, I sighed knowing that I was going to have to talk to her about all this, but after hearing what I just heard I don’t think I'd have the energy later. After they left Takashi turned back towards me with a look of agitation on his face. Clearing his throat he brought his attention back to me, and the unfinished conversation at hand.

            "Say something…" He said quietly staring at me. I tried to search my brain for something to say, but the words never came. In fact I found myself directing my attention everywhere but him. This conversation had transpired into something I couldn't possibly understand. Soulmates? Never in a million years did I picture myself standing here talking with someone like Takashi about being the perfect match for each other. How could someone like him be so interested in me, let alone in love?! For crying out loud I was only here a week, and all this happens.

            "What is it you want me to say?" I asked honestly. "You barely know me, but here you are spouting off things about love and past memories. I mean does this sound sane to you?" Running his hand through his hair once again, I started to notice that he only did that when he was either frustrated or stressed. I silently cursed myself for noticing things like that about him.

            He took a deep breath before answering. "Because…I know you better than you might think." "Yeah? What else do you know?" Thinking back to the first day of school, I remembered Takashi nonchalantly citing things about my life. Deep into the thought, I didn’t notice him moving closer to me. "I know that you come into school exhausted some mornings, and I also know the reason why." My eyes widened suddenly afraid. "Don't…" Gently cupping his hand behind of my neck, his thumb slightly caressed my cheek. "You have the dreams too…" he whispered as peered down into my eyes.

            How did he know about my dreams?! I haven't told anybody about that, not even my best friend Diona! I knocked his hand off of me, and softly pushed him back. He was way to close and everything started rushing at me all at once. I leaned back against the wall for support. "You can't keep ignoring them. They mean something, and you know it. Just acce_" "STOP!" I yelled. Louder than I thought, catching the attention of the few people around us. "Just stop… Whatever you think you may have figured out about me is a lie. I've never had dreams of any sort about us. I stay up late watching sappy TV dramas, that's the only reason i'm so tired in the morning, the only reason! Your telling me things that only exist in movies and books, things I can't believe. I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I'm just a NORMAL girl trying to go to this school to have a NORMAL life. If you can't understand that than I'm sorry."

            Most of my words were truthful, if you excluded that part where I lied about having not having the dreams. I couldn't dare myself to look into his eyes. Not waiting around for his reply I started to walk off. He grabbed my arm, stopping me. "You're lying." I could feel my body start to tremble. I needed to get out of here, fast. "If you don’t mind, I'm going back to the party. My thirty minutes are up, and I don’t want my red-haired friend to come looking for me." Pulling his hand off my arm. "Please don't go…" He pleaded from behind me. Without looking back I continued to walk forward. I could feel my eyes start to sting, as the pain of our distance started to get further and further apart. Whipping my eyes I tried pull myself together, when I ran into no other than my red-haired Ichigo.   

Diona'sPOV: “It’s getting kind of late” I said looking at the time. “Leaving already? I was just starting to get comfortable!” Haku said. I laughed while getting up “I’m sure you were”.  He got up as well and gave me a hug. “I had fun Diona. Thanks for spending some time with me”. “It’s not like I really had a choice, now did I?” I joked. “Oh you” he said while playfully giving me a noogie. “Good night Haku. See you on Monday” I waved goodbye.

     I looked around for Kiyo to say bye, but I didn’t see him anywhere. “Guess I’ll just see him on Monday” I thought to myself as I started my walk home. I would’ve walked with Dinnea, but I figured she was a little occupied with that Takashi fellow.  I wondered how she reacted to being told she’s his soulmate. “Hey!” I jumped startled and felt an arm around my shoulders. Kiyo chuckled “ahaha sorry. Where are you going?” “Uhmm…home” He said something about walking me home. “Oh no you don’t have to” He continued to walk with me. The more I was around him, the more I noticed about him. His smile was already perfect, but he also had slight dimples. Also, when he was deep in thought, he bit his lip, kind of like he was doing now. “What are you thinking about?” I asked. He looked down at me “Hm? Oh nothing…” I wished we could talk about more…nevertheless, I still enjoyed his company. He was a warm and nice guy.

      Before I knew it, we were approaching home. Kiyo walked me to the front door. “I hope you had fun tonight." He looked a little concerned. “Don’t worry. I had a blast.” “I’m glad” he said pulling me in for a hug. I felt so safe in his arms. In such a short period of time he had not only welcomed me, but managed to make me feel so special. I didn’t want to let him go, but eventually I did. “Thanks for walking with me…” “It was my pleasure. See you Diona”. He said making his way back. I didn’t realize just how tired I was until I laid down. I texted Dinnea before I dozed off, and when I knew that she was ok, I drifted off to sleep.

Dinnea'sPOV: "Oh, sorry Ichigo." I said bowing slightly to apologize. He laughed. "Who's Ichigo? You wouldn't be mixing me up with the anime character, by chance? " He asked wondering.

            "Oh…um…ok you're going to think this is funny, but I don’t actually know your name. So I gave you the nickname of strawberry (Ichigo) because of the obvious reasons of being red..." I trailed off. He just stood there looking at me with amusement in his eyes. Putting his hand on my shoulder, he busted out laughing. "Do you give names for everyone?" "No. Like I said you didn’t give me your name, so…I gave you one instead. You brought this upon yourself." I said playfully slapping his arm. I could feel the remnants of my sadness slowly slipping away. This was how it was when I was with him. He was like a breath of fresh air.

            "Well…if ya want you could just ask for my name, instead of you coming up with ridiculous nicknames." "Oh hush up, you're supposed to tell me your name instead of the other way around." I said huffing a little, but asked anyway. "So what is your name?" "I don’t know…I kinda like Ichigo." He said jokingly. "Tch, if you didn’t hear it earlier from Keneshiro it's actually Nakimaru. Hiraoka Nakimaru, but my friends just call me Naki." "Nakimaru…what does it mean?" "It means, very hot guy in traditional meaning." He said winking at me. I  laughed rolling my eyes at his corniness. My phone buzzed in my pocket, when I noticed the text from Diona asking me if I was ok. I texted that I was fine, and I'd been home soon.

            "Need me to take you home?" He asked me guessing what the text was about. "Nah, I can walk back. It's not that far away, plus you have a party to host." Looking around I saw him debating on whether or not to drop everything. Before he could make the decision, I suggested, "How about you give your number and I'll send a text saying I got home safe and sound ok?" He pouted a little but soon agreed. Waving goodbye, I made sure to leave the house as quick as I could to get away from…him. (Takashi)

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