Our Scenario

***Our Scenario is a story that we (Diona and Dinnea) have been writing since 2010. Back then we were too afraid to post it on any websites because we didn't know what kind of feedback we would get. Almost 5 years in the making, we're proud to share it with all of you, and we really do appreciate all the subscribers, views, and votes we have and will receive!***


11. The Night Life *-*!

Diona's POV: Kiyo and I had just been walking around window shopping until I pointed to a small sunglass store. Inside there were all types of sunglasses to choose from. I picked up a pair of round sunglasses and put them on Kiyo. He looked at himself and turned to me. “Azin Hahree Pohtah”. Him saying that he was the Asian Harry Potter along with that accent cracked me up for at least five minutes. “Now it’s your turn” he said scanning the store for glasses to put on me. He came back with a bright pink pair that had wings on the sides. “Oh no” “Oh yes” he said putting them on me. I hadn’t even gotten a chance to look at myself before he was laughing. When I saw how ridiculous I looked, I took them off immediately. “These are terrible” I said laughing but slightly embarrassed. Kiyo and I decided to leave after putting the sunglasses away.

            We were on the second floor, when all of a sudden I got a text. "Hey America! What's up?" "Nothing..hanging with Kiyo o-o" "Oh really…? Tell him I said…" He texted something in Japanese. By now Kiyo was looking curiously. I handed him the phone and his expression went from curious to pissed. He tried to hide it as he texted Haku back. The more they texted, the angrier Kiyo got, and he walked faster and faster to where I couldn't keep up. "Kiyo wait! What's wrong?" I was getting annoyed with this language barrier, but he turned around anyway and waited for me to catch up. I studied his expression and put my hand on his arm. His hard expression softened and he sighed and smiled a little. After a few seconds, he put his arm over my shoulders and we started walking again. "What was that about?" I thought as I turned my phone off.


 Dinnea's POV: Walking back into the antic shop we were in earlier, I was trying to figure out what Naki was trying to show me. "Wait here for a second ok." He said as he wondered around the corner. Looking around I noticed that the store was kinda dark and filled small trinkets and valuable items. "I bet most of this stuff is super expensive." I thought as I gingerly picked up small glass dragon from one of the shelves. Turning it on its bottom, my eyes widened. "I was right…" Carefully putting it down, I backed away from the whole shelf. "Back." Naki walked  around the, with his hands behind his back. "Close your eyes…" I huffed. "Fine." Shifting behind me, I felt him gently move my hair over my shoulder as he clipped something around my neck. Turning me slightly he finally said, "You can open your eyes now."

            Opening my eyes slowly I gasped at the sight in the mirror. "Oh my goodness Naki, it's beautiful!" A thin chain hung down, holding a small masterpiece at the bottom. It was a topaz amulet, but as a sliver of light illuminated the piece, it almost looked like it was glowing… It fit perfectly around my neck, like it was meant to be there. "That doesn't sound strange does it?" I thought. Suddenly a cold chill runs down my spine again. Looking up into the mirror, I noticed Naki staring at me. He lowered his eyes, cleared his throat. Glancing behind him I saw nothing but the items from the store. What's going on… I looked at the necklace a little bit more, but then took it off reluctantly. As much as I liked it, I was almost certain it was just as expensive as everything else in the store. "Thanks for showing  me this Naki, it’s really gorgeous." "Yeah I thought so too, it seemed like it was perfect for you." Looking around awkwardly he abruptly turned to return the necklace. Ok then…

            Afterwards Naki and I started to wonder through the mall again. We walked in silence, which seemed a little odd, even for Naki. Sensing this he broke the silence with a gentleness in his voice. "Hey Dinnea?" "Yeah." "I want to ask you something." "Ok, I'm all ears." He abruptly stopped walking. "When you ran into me yesterday at the party, there were tears in your eyes... Why were you crying?" My eyes widened from his directness. Damn I was really hoping he didn't catch that. "Why were you crying?" He asked again. "Did Takashi hurt you…because he's been known to hurt people around him." I stood there in silence, there was nothing I could say. I didn't want to lie to him, Naki was just looking out for me. Trying to come up with something to say, I noticed Kiyo and Diona down stairs. I waved down at them, and Diona waved back. I started in their direction when I felt a tug on my hand. "You know if there's a problem, you can talk to me Dinnea. That's what friends are for right?" Turning to face him, I saw the earnestness in his eyes. I squeeze his hand reassuringly. "I know. Thanks Naki, since I've been here you've shown me nothing but kindness. It's good knowing that I have a friend like you here." "No problem, but don't forget what I said about Takashi… You should avoid him at all costs." "Ok, ok. Now let's join back up with Diona and Kiyo." "Fine." He dropped the subject for now, but I had the feeling it was going to come up again.

Diona's POV: "Hey guys." I said quietly smiling. "Hey..so what are we going to do now?" It was quite for a second, then Kiyo started talking really fast. He seemed excited about something. "That sounds like a good idea." Naki said in English. "You girls want to go…?" "Yeah! Sounds fun to me, but Diona doesn't really do those kinds of things." "What's going on? What things don’t I do?" “There’s a little club that we go to sometimes. It should be packed tonight!” I shook my head with a pained expression. "Please go!" "You guys can go on…I'll just stay home and study." Then Kiyo said something and I turned to Dinnea. "He said since you made him go into that jewelry store, it's only fair that he make you go dancing." I sighed and looked at him. He shrugged his shoulders smiling. "Ok I'll go…" "Great! Ok we'll take you girls home and pick you up around eight." Naki said and we started walking to the car.

On the way back Kiyo could tell I still didn't want to go. He ruffled my hair. "Cheer up." He seemed to say. “Yeah Diona, it won’t be that bad”. –Sigh- He smiled and held my hand for the rest of the drive.


At home Dinnea and I started picking out our outfits. "I wonder what they're going to wear?" I asked "I don’t know, but I know they’ll look sexy." We laughed. Then I remembered the messages from Haku. "hey what do these say?" She looked in disbelief. "It says, don’t be stupid. You wouldn't want that little secret to get out would you? Stay away, if you’re as smart as everyone gives you credit for." "Oh my gosh..now I know why Kiyo was so pissed." "What's the secret?" Dinnea asked. "I'm not sure…but it must be pretty bad." "Well we can't worry about that right now…it's 7:45 already!" We got ready and looked in the mirror. "Damn we look good." Dinnea said. She was wearinga light blue off the shoulder top with black leggings and sandals while I had on black shorts and a sparkly purple tank with gray high tops. Just then, we heard a knock on the door. "That must be them" Dinnea said. We checked ourselves out one last time, grabbed our purses, and went to the door. "Wow you girls look great!” Naki said. We laughed and shyly said, "Thank you." “We’ll have the best looking girls in the club, right Kiyo?” We all looked over at him, but he was staring at me. I felt my face get hot as I looked away. Naki elbowed Kiyo and he snapped out of it. “Huh? Oh yeah, definitely” Dinnea giggled and Naki rolled his eyes “let’s go man, before you really lose it”, and with that, we were on our way to our first Japanese club. 

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