Our Scenario

***Our Scenario is a story that we (Diona and Dinnea) have been writing since 2010. Back then we were too afraid to post it on any websites because we didn't know what kind of feedback we would get. Almost 5 years in the making, we're proud to share it with all of you, and we really do appreciate all the subscribers, views, and votes we have and will receive!***


10. Fun Day at the Mall

Diona's POV: The next day I woke up in a great mood. I went into Dinnea’s room and jumped on her. “Euahhhh” she groaned. “I couldn’t wait! Tell me!” She sat up and rubbed her eyes. “Tell you what?” “What happened after Takashi claimed you as his soulmate *-*!” “Uggh..I’ll tell you about it later. By the way that wasn’t cool spying on us.” She said getting up and grabbing her robe. “I know…I didn’t do it on purpose. Hey so what are we doing today?” I asked quickly changing the subject. “I don’t know maybe we could take in a movie.” “Oh yeah, because I totally know that much Japanese” Dinnea and I thought for a while. We were still pretty new to Japan and Tokyo was a huge city. “Well there’s always the mall.” I hopped up. “Perfect! I wanted to buy some new clothes anyway. Let’s hurry and get ready.”

                We started walking to the mall, but after about five minutes, I noticed a blue sports car driving slowly behind us. I couldn’t tell who it was because the windows were tinted so dark. I mumbled to Dinnea “Don’t look now, but I think we’re being followed.” Automatically she turned around. “I said don’t look!” I pushed her a little bit, then the person revved the engine and I kind of freaked out. “I’m about to run. This is scary.” “Ok on 3 we run. 1..2-“ Before Dinnea could even get to 3 I was gone. She followed behind, but we had to cross the street, and unfortunately we couldn’t outrun a car.

The passenger window slowly rolled down, and we saw Dinnea’s red headed friend cracking up. “Need a ride?” I looked in the car and saw Kiyo driving. “How embarrassing” I mumbled as we got into the car. “So where were you girls sprinting off to?” “The mall” “The mall it is!” He said, then told it to Kiyo in Japanese. “He’s not going to let us live this down…” Dinnea muttered. Her friend turned around laughing “No, I’m not”

Dinnea's POV: "You guys are terrible, we thought you were stalkers!" I said playfully in Japanese so Kiyo could understand too. He laughed and looked in the rearview mirror at Diona. "Gomenasai." (I'm sorry) Nodding her head she cracked a small smile. "Daijobudesu…" (It's ok.) Kiyo turned around shocked. "I've been working some." Diona said shyly. Kiyo gave her the biggest smile, then turned back towards the road. If I didn’t know better, I'd say that there was something going on between those two. Gosh, why can't my love life be like that. Natural and simple. The only thing that was standing in their way was language.

            We turned towards the entrance of the mall, finding the closest spot possible. "We've arrived at your destination. Thank you for riding Kiyo-Naki transportation." Diona and I laughed at Naki's silliness as we got out of the car. "Thanks for the ride Kiyo, your car is awesome." I said. He nodded. "Yep, she takes good care of me, so I try to return the favor time to time." "Ok enough, it's a nice car let's GO!" Naki said pulling me along with him leaving Kiyo and Diona behind. I shook my head following along. This boy…

Diona's POV: We walked into the mall and I turned to Dinnea. "What store should we go in first?" She looked around and spotted a store that was similar to Forever 21. ”Let's go in there for a sec." I was surprised that the guys actually shopped. Forgetting that Naki could speak English, I said to Dinnea, "Wow…they're nothing like American boys." He laughed a little , then said, "We're better right?" I smiled and nodded. "So where to now?" I looked around and spotted a jewelry store I wanted to go to. "There." I pointed and Kiyo and Naki huffed and sighed. "Just one second." I pleaded. I linked arms with Kiyo and drug him along. I wanted to hold his hand, but I wanted him to make the move. He did subtly. He grabbed my hand and slowly linked our fingers, and I leaned my head against his arm. At that moment I felt relief and happiness, but also fear of what Naki and Dinnea might say. I found out that he was related to Naomi who also liked Kiyo. I turned around a little to see their faces. Dinnea was smiling and Naki looked pretty happy too. "Phew, what a relief." I thought.

            We had been in the store for a bit, when all of a sudden there was a loud rumble, and to follow. "I'm hungry." "Me too." Dinnea said. "Ok..let's go get lunch." As we left, Kiyo and I fell behind Naki and Dinnea. He didn’t hold my hand, but that was ok. I was content just being around him.

Dinnea's POV: "What's going on with those two?" Naki said jokingly as he nudged me gently. We were walking towards the food court area, when Naki and I noticed how touchy feely Diona and Kiyo were today. "Oh it's nature taking its course, you'll learn when you get older." I said patting the top of Naki's head. He rolled his eyes, but looked at me for a heartbeat before looking away as if he was thinking about something else. "What's wrong?" I asked disturbing his pensive look. "Hmm, oh nothing. Hey I hear that they have a great ramen place here, you wanna go check it out?" He said changing the subject. "Oh really? Yeah sure!" Thinking nothing more of it, I grabbed his shoulders pushing him slightly to lead the way. As were making our way along, a cold chill runs up my spine. Rubbing my arms I looked around me. I had the strangest feeling that someone was watching me… "Dinnea, are you ok?" Looking up I saw Naki's concerned face in front of me. "Y..yeah. I'm fine." Giving him a small smile. "Good c'mon." As he showed me the way, I looked around behind once more. Hmm, must have been my imagination…

            The guys ended up paying for our meal, even though Diona and I said we could pay for our own. As we were walking out of the noodle shop Naki pulled me over to the side. "Hey I want to show you something I found." "Really what is it?" I asked curiously. "It was in one of the stores we went in earlier, but that's all I can tell you." He seemed kinda excited about it, whatever it was. "Ok…lead the way." As were walking away, I realized that we left Kiyo and Diona behind. Looking over at Naki I smirked. "Smooth move separating us." He laughed. "Tch, what are you talking about. Separating us wasn't my intention, I really did want to show you something." He looked behind us. "Ok..a little of both." he said sheepishly. I laughed.

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