Our Scenario

***Our Scenario is a story that we (Diona and Dinnea) have been writing since 2010. Back then we were too afraid to post it on any websites because we didn't know what kind of feedback we would get. Almost 5 years in the making, we're proud to share it with all of you, and we really do appreciate all the subscribers, views, and votes we have and will receive!***


5. From Bad to Worse...?

*Author's note: We wanted to bring to everyone's attention, before you guys got confused, Diona's character struggle's with Japanese. Yes, she knows a good amount to get around, but some of us can agree that any language can be difficult to learn. So she uses context clues to at least grasp a good portion of what is being said, especially with her conversations with kiyo. ;)*

Dinnea'sPOV: Walking into school the next morning was rough, considering I was running on fumes from one hour of sleep. That damn nightmare kept replaying over and over in my head like a raging tornado of thoughts. What did it mean? More importantly why did I dream about…him?

            Speaking of the devil, here he was walking down the hallway. I noticed some of the students moving out his way, it was almost like they were afraid to touch him. Looking to his left he spotted me staring. A small smile formed on his lips as he made his way towards me. "Oh great." I thought. Looking everywhere else but him, I started towards the sliding doors leading to the classroom. He suddenly put his body between the doorway and me, blocking my way inside. Sighing I tiredly looked at him. "Yes?" I asked. I really wasn't in the mood for this today. "Didn't sleep last night?" He said noticing the dark circles underneath my eyes. Rolling my eyes I didn’t answer. If he only knew…

            Looking over his shoulder, most of the students had already settled in their seats. Some of them were whispering and pointing towards us. Blocking my view yet again with his body, it was evident that I wasn't getting in right now. "Listen y..you blue-eyed demon I have homeroom to go to, now if you have something important to ask me than ask." I said annoyed.

            "Blue-eyed demon? Haven't been called that before…but I see that you're spicy as usual. You know if you keep acting like that I might end up liking you…" He said. My eyes grew wide from his statement. Laughing at my expression, he leaned down slowly towards my ear. "Meet on the rooftop during lunch." He says low enough for my ears only. "And what if I decide not to come?" I challenged. Chuckling softly he straightens up. "Don't make me wait." Turning on his heels he walked into class. I was the one left stunned this time.

 Diona'sPOV: Getting to school early this morning, I had to run to my lockerbefore class started. I tried to take my time because I didn’t have anywhere else to go at the moment, and Dinnea was already headed towards her own class. For some unknown reason she seemed a little out of it this morning. Shaking my head I fiddled around in my locker till I found the right book for class. I slowly started to close my locker, then it just slammed shut. "Shit!" I yelled really loud, then Kiyo appeared from behind it laughing. "You scared me!" "I know." he said smiling. His smile was gorgeous…

            "So how are you today?" I hesitated, then said, "Good." He was about to say something else, but then, "Kiyo, come over here!" I looked over and saw it was Naomi calling him. He silently rolled his eyes. "Come with me." Before I could protest he gently grabbed my hand and led me to his group of friends. "Everyone, this is Diona." He introduced me. They said hello and continued talking. The first bell rang a little while later, and everyone started to head to class. Kiyo's friends began to walk away too, except for Naomi. Pulling on his sleeve she mentioned something about them being late if they didn’t leave soon. "Ok, just give me one sec." He told her, but turned towards me saying, "See you later Diona." I just smiled while waving goodbye. Walking in the opposite direction I headed to class.

       After that I just daydreamed about Kiyo and how nice and gentle he was to everyone around him. I also thought of his great smile, and all his perfect features…how could someone so sweet and sexy be on Earth?! I dwell to much, I just happy to have all the little moments I could with him.  

Dinnea's POV: First and second period went from bad to worse. If it wasn't the stares, I was getting in trouble for dozing off in class, which by the way wasn't my fault. It was that damn dream that kept me awake all last night. I wasn't only sleep deprived, I was also stressing out about lunch. I didn't know what to do about my situation with the blue-eyed demon. It was only my second day here, and I was already in a rock and a hard place.

            Second period had ended, and I was packing my belongings away in a daze. Not paying attention to what I was doing, I ended up dropping one of my pencil's. Rolling across the hardwood floor, it bumped into the desk in front of me. Sighing, I got up to retrieve it. As I'm reaching for it, a hand swoops down and grabs it from off the ground, lying it into my hand. I looked up to say thank you, when I paused.

            Looking at the person in front of me, I was greeted by a full head of dark red hair. It was a guy around 5'8", who wore his uniform dress shirt open with an "AKFG" shirt underneath completed with marked up Converses. His style was one thing, but his face was another. The guy had curious dark eyes and could be considered cute, but what really caught my attention was the small scar through his right eyebrow. Why haven't I noticed him before?

          "Are you ok?" Catching me off guard, he asked me in English. Which was pretty good, but had a slight accent to it. "Um, yeah I'm fine. Thanks by the way for picking up my pencil, I've just been kinda out of it today." I said with a small smile. Packing the pencil away I began to walk towards the door. I was halfway through when he called out, "It's not all bad…" "What's not all bad?" I asked confused. "The stares. It's not all bad, they'll eventually go away. Hey just look at me." With that he pointed to his hair smiling a toothy grin. I smiled back. "Thanks. I'll try to keep that in mind. See ya around?" He nodded. Waving goodbye I walked to my next class feeling slightly better than before. Whoever that guy was, he'd just made my day so far.  

 Diona's POV: I was very wrong in thinking that everyday would be like yesterday. I hardly understood anything that was going on during first period, and that was when I came to the rash realization that I NEEDED help with my Japanese and fast. Who could teach me everything I needed to know though? Dinnea had enough to deal with already, and I wasn't really close to anyone except for Kiyo, sort of… He probably would too busy to teach me anyway.

            I was left with no one to teach me the only language that everyone spoke. This really downed my mood, and all these thoughts made my first period go by slowly. I was pretty depressed going into second. As I walked in, I felt Kiyo's eyes on me, but I didn’t dare look at him once.

            I sat down at my desk and started to rub the eraser of my pencil on it. Watching the flakes that fell off. The all of a sudden I heard a chair being scooted, and I looked up to see Kiyo's concerned face on the other side of my desk. "What's wrong?' I shook my head slightly and just said in English, "I don’t know any Japanese." I know he didn't understand me, which made it worse. "I..I don’t understand." Then class started and the teacher asked Kiyo to go to his seat, but he kept his eyes locked on mine a second longer before getting up. "I'm ok." I managed in Japanese. Reluctantly returning to his desk, he looked back once more. I wish I knew how to tell him. I also wished there was someone that could help me. For the first time I was starting to have doubts about coming here. The comforts of home slowly started to creep in my mind.  

Dinnea's POV: To my dread it was finally lunch time. My stressing earlier turned into fear. The whole entire day, I thought about nothing except ways to help get me out of my current situation. Walking around the corner, I noticed my red haired friend from earlier. When he saw me, he sauntered on over. I noticed he had a nice stride, while his hair gleamed from the sunlight, making it look silky to the touch.

            When he was in front of me, he had the same toothy grin from earlier. "So I'm not surprised to see you again." I said laughing. His hair was exceptionally bright. Catching my joke he replied, "Yeah, you probably saw me a kilometer away." Chuckling slightly. "So where are you going now, I was just headed to my next class." He asked. I looked down at me feet not meeting his gaze. "I'm going to meet…someone." He looked at me for a while. "Is that so?" "Yep. Listen, you should probably get going I don’t want to make you late for class. You're not exactly hard to notice."

        Shooing away the thought with his hand he said, "They can deal, I practically own this school. Oh yeah speaking of school, I'm having a pool party at my house on Saturday. I know I just met you and all, but I'd really like it if you came. You can invite some friends if ya want." Thinking about the offer I thought it sounded pretty good. "Um, sure that sounds nice, but I have to ask my friend Diona."

        The school bell went off signaling the start of class. "Well I guess  you're going to get in trouble now." I said starting to walk away. "Nah, I gots this. They won't even see me coming." He put his hand in a ninja formation, while looking form side to side. I busted out laughing from his blatant silliness. "Bye Dinnea!" He said running to his class. "Bye_" Wait how did he know…? Forget it, how did anyone know anything around here, was beyond me. Sighing I turned towards the stairwell that led up to the roof. Realizing that I was late too, my blue-eyed demon wasn’t going to like that…  

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