It's really sad. It came to me and I had to write it down. I know it's crappy and stupid.


1. part 1

The girlfriend woke up hours early in the morning in pain. She screamed in agony waking the boyfriend. He jumped out of bed and rushed to her. He tried to find the keys to the car.The power was out so the had to move through the dark.

Once they got into the car they descended to the nearest hospital. The girlfriend felt something on her leg and the boyfriend believing her water broke sped faster. Once arriving to the hospital the nurses took over and he followed behind.

The nurses took the girl into a room and told the boyfriend to wait in the waiting area. Eventually a nurse came by to take him to where his girlfriend was. Upon arrival to the room there stood a doctor with the girl waiting for him. He stood next to his girlfriend waiting for the doctor's response.

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