RotG 9/11

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  • Published: 12 Sep 2014
  • Updated: 12 Sep 2014
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This is just a one shot that I wrote on 9/11/14, 13 years after two planes crashed into the Twin Towers. It's basically just the Guardians having one of their monthly Guardian hang outs, and it happens to be 9/11. Jack then brings up the topic of were they were when they heard about the Twin Towers.


1. 9/11

"Hey, guys! Sorry I'm late! Lost track of time." Said Jack flamboyantly as he sped through the open window, bringing with him a small flurry of snowflakes. 

"Is no problem, Jack," replies North, snatching up a cookie that an elf was reaching for. 

Sandy looked up at Jack, grinned, nodded, and was once again indulged in a cup of eggnog. Bunny roles his eyes and hurumphs, muttering something that sounded suspiciously like "teenagers." Tooth was fluttering by the fireplace, giving orders to her usual personal flock of fairies circling her.

"And what were you doing that made you loose track of time, mate?" Bunny said, looking up from the egg he was painting and crossing his arms.

Jack's cheeks turned into a faint purple. "I was with Jamie." He said flatly, although it was rather obvious that it wasn't the full story.

"And what were you doing with Jamie?" Asked Bunny in a prodding way.

"Let me ask you this. What's the date today?" Jack replied.

Tooth piped up this time. "It's 9-11-14." 

Jack gave her a look that said plainly, 'watch the tone, lady,' which struck Tooth rather odd, as she had been talking in her light, normal conversation tone. "Exactly." He said. "9-11. Ring any bells?"

After a moment, Tooth's eyes went slightly wider then usual, and her mouth formed the shape of an O. After a few more seconds, Sandy, catching on to the sudden drop in liveliness, put two and two together, and got what Jack was talking about. He two lost the all casual look, sitting up straiter and his mouth becoming set in a grim line.

Still not catching on, Bunny and North looked at Jack, Sandy, and Tooth, then at each other, before chorusing "What are you talking about?"

"Come on." Jack said, giving them an exasperated look. "Don't tell me you've never heard of the Twin Towers."

Still looking confused, Bunny and North tonight for a moment before North said, in a thoughtful tone, "The ones that collapsed that day a few years ago in America?" 

Jack facepalmed, sighing and shaking his head. "Ok, so, there use to be two buildings in New York City. They were the tallest buildings there, and they were the main buildings of the World Trade Center. Thirteen years ago today, four plains were hijacked, and two of them crashed into the Twin Towers. Just under 3,000 peoples lives were lost in the chaos that continued, and America has never been the same since. They have better security, and are more united. I was actually there when it happened. I, um, I had a break from my winter stuff, and was passing through New York, and it's a beautiful day out, so I paused to just take in the view,  and I, um, I see this plane that is flying rather low, and is headed at a slightly more west word angle than the air port. And so I'm thinking, 'Well that's odd.' And the next thing I know, it's crashing into the South tower, and it's exploded, and everybody is kind of freaking out. Then there's fire fighters there, and police, and people are evacuating both buildings. And then about forty minutes later, I see the about her plane, and it's heading at a slightly wrong angle, and I'm just floating there, frozen in more ways than one, 'cause I kn-know what's going to h-h-happen, and then it crashes into the other tower, and it's just chaos, an-a-and then only twen-twenty minutes later, it just c-ca-caves in on itself, and there's a giant du-dust cloud, and there are pe-pe-p-people running, t-trying to get out of the way, and it's just s-s-s-so scary, and loud andj-j-just not r-r-r-right!" Jack was openly crying at this point, because you don't simply watch thousands of people die and not cry when you talk about it..

Tooth flutters over, putting an arm aroundJack, and he leans into her side, eyes clinched shut, face scrunched up, shoulders shaking, wile Bunny and North stand around looking and feeling guilty. Sandy walks over and joins in the hug, a sad expression gracing his face. It's not long before North and Bunny join the group hug, and it is then maneuvered to the couch, and they all sit in silence, eventually falling asleep like this, snuggling on the couch like what family's do every once and a wile.

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