without you im nothing

kat and jessica are sisters and best friends they do everything together they are really pretty kat is 5'5 and has amazing hazel green eyes that can sometime get a little blue some times it depends on how she is feeling and she has amazing long strait red hair jessica has almost the same eyes but hers are hazel blue that can some times be a little bit green and she also has long blue hair and she is 5'9 the girls were inseparable until the day of the divorce jessica moved to new york with their mum and kat stayed in texas with their dad what happens when jessica finally moves back to texas to be with her sister u must read to find out dun dun DUNNNNNNN


4. chapter 3

kat's POV

i woke up and looked beside me. rj was still sleeping i smiled and got up i went to check if dakota was still here and i need to talk to jessica. i checked all of the rooms dakota wasn't here i slowly opened jessica's door to see if she was still asleep and what i saw was well adorable jessica and dakota were cuddling in her bed she had her head on his chest and he had his arms around her waist i took a picture well a couple of pictures then i woke them up "go away" they said at the same time well then "fine ill just have dad wake you two up" i said and sat it a chair they both jumped out of that bed so fast it was hilarious i was laughing in the chair and they looked at me then each other they picked me up and threw me on the bed and started to tickle me "st-s-stop p-ple-please" i said while laughing they stopped and we all just sat there laughing together "Well wasn't that just beautiful" i looked up and saw dad and rj recoding this me and jessica stuck our tongues out at them and dakota chuckled "I'm hungry" me and jess said at the same time we laughed "lol" we said again "we do this a lot don't we" we said again "whoa" we said again together "pickles" "bacon" "peanut butter" we said at the same time then looked at each other then yelled "peanut butter and pickles" at the same time we looked at each other with wide eyes then at the boys they just looked at us in shock "well lets go out to eat where do you want to go?" our dad asked "i hop" me and jess said at the same time "ugh again" we said at the same time we shook our heads and went to i hop me and her ordered the same thing and accidentally said it at the same time to the waiter who just looked amused and was checking me and jess out we rolled our eyes when we took a bit of our food we both said 'mm' at the same time people were looking at us in amusement when we left we went back home and just hung out


​I'm sorry its so short and bad i just wanted to put something out for you guys love you all xoxo~jess

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