without you im nothing

kat and jessica are sisters and best friends they do everything together they are really pretty kat is 5'5 and has amazing hazel green eyes that can sometime get a little blue some times it depends on how she is feeling and she has amazing long strait red hair jessica has almost the same eyes but hers are hazel blue that can some times be a little bit green and she also has long blue hair and she is 5'9 the girls were inseparable until the day of the divorce jessica moved to new york with their mum and kat stayed in texas with their dad what happens when jessica finally moves back to texas to be with her sister u must read to find out dun dun DUNNNNNNN


2. chapter 2

dakota's POV

i was sitting in kat's living room i had slept over but i slept on the couch i am kinda jealous that rj and jessica are sleeping in the same room in the same bed! all of a sudden jessica's bed room door opened and she walked out i dont think she saw me she was wearing black sweat pants and a bra im not complaining thou she looked good. "morning" i said she jumped and grabbed a knife "holy shit you scared me" she said putting down the knife i laughed "i can pick that knife back up" she said that made me laugh even more she rolled her eyes. then rj walked out of her room he was in sweat pants and was shirtless he wrapped his arms around her "morning" he said "morning, see dakota that is how you greet someone in the morning not scaring them" she said i rolled my eyes "what ever im going out side" i said and walked out side. i dont like how rj is with jessica he is always close to her i just dont like her and he wrapped his arms around her waist like no stop i dont know why im acting like this. kat walked out side and stood next to me "whats wrong you seem mad is it something with rj or jessica?" she asked "i cant tell you here" i said she nodded "then lets go for a drive" she said wow she really wants to know "ok" i said and we got im my truck and drove off "ok now tell me" she said "ok you see jessica walked out of her room looking REALLY nice in what she was wearing and i said morning and i scared her because i guess she didn't know i was there and then rj came out and out his arms around her and she said 'see dakota thats how you greet someone in the morning' and i got mad because rj had his arms around her" i said and she looked at me with the biggest smile on her face "you like my sister!!" she exclaimed "but i cant she's your sister" i said i pulled over and put the car in park and turned it off and turned to kat "why cant you like my sister i have nothing against it" she said "but kat we barely know each other" i said and then a girl with blue hair skated past us she looked back it was jessica she stopped and came running back to us "finally i found you guys" she said a little out of breath "jessica what are you doing here?" kat asked "i came to find you guys duh and dakota left mad and i wanted to know why" she said and then looked at me oh my god i love her eyes "dakota why were you mad?" she asked concern in her eyes "um i wasn't im um just not the best morning person" i said kat rolled her eyes jessica frowned "you're lying" she said i looked away "i cant tell you" i said "what ever kat dad wants you back home" she said and started to skate off but in the opposite direction of the house "shit" i mumbled i got out of the truck and ran after her and grabbed her by her waist and held her "what the" she looked back at me "dakota let me go now" she demanded "nope your coming home with us" i said and started caring her back to the truck "my skate board" she said kat got out and grabbed it i sat jessica in between me and kat she had her arms crossed and i drove back to the house "jessica" kat said "what" she snapped "sorry" jessica said to kat "im not a morning person" she said mimicking me "jessica im sorry i lied god damn" i said "yeah well just so you know i hate lier's" she said ouch that one hurt a little "jess give him another chance he cant tell you for a good reason" kat said "fine" she said "thank you" i said "yup you have one chance" she said i swear to god if i fuck up im so dead 

*3 hours later so like 2 in the after noon*

"guys later we should go to the drive in" kat said "sure" me rj and jessica said at the same time their dad laughed "well you guys are going to be great friends" he said we all said yep at the same time we all laughed "well i wanna go shopping for some clothes who wants to come and dakota you have no choice but to come" jessica said i laughed and nodded "um well i wanna get to know rj so ill stay here" kat said "yeah i wanna get to know kat to so im staying i dont wanna go shopping anyway" rj said "ok then its just us" i said she nodded and we left and went to the mall 

jessica's POV

i know kat did that on purpose we finally got to the mall and we walked in i saw a couple of guys checking me out i rolled my eyes and dakota put his arm around me i looked up to him he smiled i smiled back i knew what he was doing the guys instantly stopped i put my arm around his waist we walked into rue 21 and i went to go look at some jeans and i saw a girl flirting with him i had about 4 pairs of jeans i walked up to him "hey babe come with me while i try on these jeans" i said and kissed him on his check and grabbed his hand we walked into a dressing room "what was that" he asked "just returning the favor" i said i started to change "um do you want me to like leave or turn around while you change?" i asked "no its fine babe" she said and then we laughed first i put on some black skinny jeans "so how do they look on me?" i asked him "um they fit um uh just wow" he said i smirked i tried on the rest of the jeans and the all looked good we walked out and i went to look for shirts "hey what about this" he said handing me a black crop top "yeah thats cute" i said and took it from him it was my size to i got a couple more things and went to try them on i also grabbed a dress it was cute it was a black strapless dress with jewels on the top

picture of the dress

 (the grey part is where the gems are) i walked out of the dressing room and saw dakota on his phone "dakota what do you think?" i asked his jaw dropped i smiled "you look amazing" he said "should i get it?" i asked he "yes definitely" he said i smiled and changed back into my other clothes i already had on and i went up and bought the stuff

dakota's POV

when jessica walked out of the dressing room she looked stunning we went to a shoe store and she got a pair of sneakers and flats and a pair of black heels but she was still shorter than me and she got some boots 

*at home*

we finally got home from the mall we left after we got lunch we talked and got to know each other better. we walked in the door and i helped her with her bags "so what did you get" kat asked "i got some shoes and jeans and shirts...... and a dress" she mumbled the last part "you got a dress!!" kat yelled with excitement "kat chill it just a dress" jess said pulling it out of the bag "OMG THAT IS SO PRETTY" kat yelled then their dad came running in the room "WHATS WRONG WHERE IS THE KILLER" he yelled we all started laughing jessica and kat were on the ground laughing. we finally stopped laughing "so jessica are you going to wear that to the drive in?" kat asked "no im just gonna wear a pair of jeans and a shirt" jess said "well go get changed you two we should leave in like 30 minuets" i said the nodded and went to kat's room 

*30 to 40 minuets later*

"girls are you ready yet?" i asked them "yeah one sec" kat yelled then kat walked out of the room "wheres jessica?"i asked then she came walking out i smiled she look absolutely beautiful her long blur hair was curled and she had the crop top and jeans i picked out for her on "ok im ready" she said i couldn't stop smiling she blushed "ok you guys have fun but not to much fun" their dad said "yes sir" me and rj said at the same time he smiled we got in the car and drove to the drive in the movies that were playing are the conjuring and as above so below both scary movies but hey that means cuddle time! lol we went in and parked we got out and opened up the tail gate and we put a blanket down then we all crawled up and we had some pillows and another two blankets i was on one side rj was on the other jessica was next to me and taylor was next to rj half way through 'the conjuring' jessica screamed and hid her face in my chest i smiled and put my arms around her i looked at rj and he was doing the same with taylor we both gave each other the good-one look after the conjuring and about the begging of the other movie jessica fell asleep in my arms she looks so cute when she's sleeping the other movie finally ended "rj you can drive ill stay back here with her" i whispered to rj he nodded and him and kat got in the front and drove us home. when we got home i pick jessica up and carried her to her room i was about to leave "no dont leave stay i need a cuddle buddy" she said i laughed a little "ok" i whispered i layed down after getting into some pajamas and she got up took off her shirt and changed into sweat pants and laid back down we cuddled and we both fell asleep.


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