without you im nothing

kat and jessica are sisters and best friends they do everything together they are really pretty kat is 5'5 and has amazing hazel green eyes that can sometime get a little blue some times it depends on how she is feeling and she has amazing long strait red hair jessica has almost the same eyes but hers are hazel blue that can some times be a little bit green and she also has long blue hair and she is 5'9 the girls were inseparable until the day of the divorce jessica moved to new york with their mum and kat stayed in texas with their dad what happens when jessica finally moves back to texas to be with her sister u must read to find out dun dun DUNNNNNNN


1. chapter 1

jessica's POV

"daddy mommy please stop fighting" kat begged them i was sitting on the ground crying "jessica lets go we are leaving kat sweetie im sorry but you have to stay here with daddy" our mother said "no mum im not leaving kat" i said "im sorry but you have to me and your father are getting a divorce and im taking you with me to new york and she is staying here in texas" our mum said "no" i screamed and started crying my mum picked me up and put me in the car our stuff already in there i saw my dad holding kat and with that my mum drove off 

*8 years later*

me and mum have been in new york for eight years tonight im flying back my stuff is already packed im just hanging out with my best friend rj he's my only friend here and im gonna make him come visit me over in texas he is 19 im 18 and before y'all start thinking stuff we are just friends and no not the "just friends" i mean he is like a brother to me "so your actually leaving tonight" rj asked me "yup im actually leaving i finally get to see my sister i wonder how she is going to react to the blue hair and lip piercing" i said kinda nervous "if she is your sister she will love you no matter what" he said i smiled "yeah she was 9 when i left and i was 10 im so much different now i mean when i left we were both brunets and now i have blue hair" i said he laughed "but your totally awesome still so who cares" he said i laughed "we should go get my stuff from my house i leave in two hours" i said he nodded and we headed to the apartment i shared with my mum i grabbed my back pack and he grabbed my suit case before i could we stuck our tongues out at each other my mum was smiling at us "i swear in a different life you two would be brother and sister" she said laughing we laughed "ok well by mum love you" i said and gave her a hug "bye sweetie love you too" she said and with that me and rj left 

*skipe drive cause that shit was boring we just jammed out to blink 182*

we arived at the air port and we got out of the car he got my suit case and i still had my back pack we walked in and went through security i noticed he had another back pack and we went up to board the plane and he was still with me "hey are you gonna leave or are you coming with me or something" i said with a smirk on my face he smirked "i have a ticket im coming with you" he said i jumped and hugged him "aww you two are so cute together" some woman said "oh um we aren't together" we said at the same time "well you two look like you are great friends then" she said "we are" we said at the same time we laughed then boarded the plane well here goes nothing 

kats POV 

holy shit my sister is coming back home what is she gonna say about my hair and my lip and nose i was pacing back and forth "calm down kat she's your sister it'll be fine" my best friend dakota said "you dont understand she is my older sister and she left when i was nine and she was ten ok when she left i had no pirecings what so ever and i had brown hair not bright red!!" i said still pacing he got up and put his hands on my shoulders i had to look up to him because he's like 6'2 he's 19 he's like an older brother to me "she will love you exactly the way you are" i said "ok your right"

*3 hours later

we are at the airport for jessica and her friend "kat she will love you" dakota said i nodded "um excuse me im looking for my sister she has brown hair and hazel green eyes have you seen her im suppose to be meeting her around here?" this pretty girl with blue hair and a lip piercing dakota was kinda staring at her "um whats her name?" i asked "kat" she said "um w-whats your name?" i asked her "my names jessica" "holy shit balls jessica i thought you would flip when you saw my hair and nose and lip but you really cant" i said she looked at me with wide eyes "KAT omg " she hugged me her friend and dakota were just standing there awkwardly "oh um sorry kat this is my best friend rj" she said "well hi rj um im kat and this is my friend dakota" i said they smiled me and jessica were smiling like idiots we left the air port "um u guys can put your stuff here and sit in the bed of the truck or put your stuff in the bed and sit back there" dakota said they looked at each other and smirked jessica threw her suit case in the back seat and they hopped in the bed of the truck "leggo" jessica said dakota drove off from the air port

rj's POV 

me and jessica were sitting in the bed of dakota's pick up truck when a cop pulled us over "shit" jessica said the cop walked by us jessica smiled at him and the guys who looked maybe 20 22 years old went and talked to dakota "bro you really shouldn't have people in the back of the truck" wait they are brothers? jessica looked at me confused "sorry its kat's sister and her friend they just got here from new york" dakota said the cop came back to talk to us jessica slid over to my side which is where the cop is "how can i help you officer" she said smiling "well jessica im dakota's brother luke" he said "well i can tell your his brother and sorry about this this is my friends first time not being in new york and well i wanted him to experience some fun" she said i smirked "ok well i think thats a load of bull but ill give you guys a police escort to your house" he said we laughed "why thank you" she said this guy is trying to hit on her "bro stop hitting on her and lets go" dakota said 

*skip the rest of the car ride because we just jammed out to country music*

Jessica's POV

we finally got to the house and luke turned off his sirens and our dad came running out "what did kat and dakota do now" he said me and rj hopped out the back and he looked at me i smiled "im home" i said "jessica?" he asked i nodded he ran and gave me a hug "im glad your home" he said "me too" and we got out of the hug dakotas brother had left "who is this young man" my dad asked "dad this is rj he is like an older brother to me he looked out for me over in new york" i said my dad shook his hand "good to meet you sir" rj said i laughed and my dad walked in "sir?" i asked rj laughing "what i want your dad to like me" he said i shook my head then we walked inside "um dad where can we put our stuff?" i asked "you can put it in your old room later we can go and get paint to re paint it and new stuff" he said i nodded and we walked back to my room it was a baby blue color "yeah i need to re paint this" i said rj didn't say anything he just shook his head. we put our stuff down and walked out to the living room "dad me and rj need to go buy some stuff because we didn't bring everything here" i said he gave me a questioning look "we need to get new skate boards dad geez" i said kat and dakota laughed "ok good i was thinking some thing else" he said "DAD" i yelled "stooop nooo grossssss he's like my brother ewwwww no offense rj" i said my dad was laughing "none taken i was thinking the same thing he said laughing "dakota do you know where we can get some new boards?" i asked "yeah do you want me to drive you" he asked "please" i said "um ill let you two go i wanna get to know your dad and sister a little better" rj said i smiled "ok rj but if you try to flirt with my sister i will shoot you go it?" i asked "got it" he said laughing "dakota same goes for you" kat said i rolled my eyes "right because you so scare me" he said with sarcasm we got in his truck and we drove to a store "hey dakota how can i help you" some girl said she was trying to flirt with him i rolled my eyes and walked away "hey jess you dont know where your going" he yelled "ill find my way have fun talking to the barbie doll" i yelled back i heard a guy laugh i turned around it was another cop "you know i dont like when cops are always around me" i said "well luke sent me to watch after you" he said "tell luke to never do that again or i will slap him 10 times" i said walking away.

*an hour later*

i finally found the stuff i needed and went to the front of the store dakota was kissing the chick "barf" i said and they stopped the girl rolled her eyes "oh um hey uh um um its not what it looked like" dakota said "like i care i just want to buy my stuff" i said i did kinda care i dont know why "that will be 112.27" the girl said i paid her and me and dakota left "sorry about that" he said "like i said i dont care i told you to have fun with the barbie doll" i said he looked kinda hurt i just shrugged it off. we got back to the house i ran in "im finally back i wouldn't have taken so long but dakota was busy making out with some barbie doll" i said rolling my eyes "rj come on lets got find some where to skate" i said tossing him his skate board he nodded "we will be back in a few hours or not you never know" i said as we walked out and past dakota 

*3 hours later (its like 8 at night now)*

"its pretty late we should head back" rj said "yeah and hopefully dakota is gone" i said "why" rj asked while we were skating back to the house "because it will be awkward between us i mean the car ride home after the store was" i said "true" he said and then we finally got home "im home" i yelled walking through the door dakota kat and my dad were sitting on the couch they looked worried "oh my god finally we were getting worried" kat said hugging me "um we weren't gone that long" i said kat rolled her eyes "yes huh you were gone for to long" kat said i laughed "well im tiered you know because jet lag" i said and rj agreed and we went to my room we just took off our shoes i took a shower and did what i had to do then he did while i got dressed and he came out in his pj's and we got on my bed cuddled and fell asleep.

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