Things to make you happy

if your ever having a bad day just open this movella and hopefully it will cheer you up!!!


2. Animals

ok guys one of the most obvious things to look up when you are having a bad day is cute animals!! Here are a few of them that I have listed that top the charts!!!

1) hedgehogs, these animals are super adorable and can just make your heart melt

2) munchkin kitties, these cats are so small they can fit in a tea cup, if my mom wasn't allergic to them I would probably have 50 of them

3) pomskies, these dogs are a mix between a Pomeranian and a Husky and just look like really furry mini Huskies

4) puppies under water, have you ever wondered what a dog looks like when its under water? Well when you see pictures they will be sure to make you smile!

5) squirrels, maybe I'm the only one but I think squirrels are super adorable and I am dying to have one

6) animals with hats, if you are looking to laugh search up animals with hats

7) pandas, do I even need to explain???

8) baby giraffes, baby giraffes are so awkward that they are cute!

9) baby chicks, just look it up and you will understand

10) animals friendships, these heartwarming pictures will cheer you up instantly!!

Ok guys so that's it for my first list of things to make you happy. idk if I want to continue it so feedback would be appreciated!!! if I do continue it then comment what list I should do next! oh and if you happen to look any of these up then feel free to tell me witch one was you favorite!!!




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