The Story of Nightsong

Ever wondered about what really happened to me before Movellas? Or why I'm always me? Or maybe you chose to stalk me and try to look into my life! Well, here's the story,

The story if Nightsong


1. The Beginning

     13 years ago, on a January morning. I was born. My name is Mackenzie. That's all I will say about my full name, but my nickname is Kenzie.

      I was born in California. I always joke with my friends when they sing "California Gurls" that they are singing about me. I then moved to Washington near Seattle when I was only 6 weeks old. 

     One day, we expireneced a HUGE earthquake. My mother held me in a football position and bounced off the walls down the stairs. I always say that was the reason why I'm so weird.

     On 9/11, I was home with my Mom while my Dad was at work. All I know is that my Aunt was one of the thousands of people who died that day. She was on the 101st floor on the north tower. She is thought to have jumped to her sudden death that day. 9/11 is always a sad day for my family.

     When I was 2 years old, we moved to Indiana. I have half siblings that I would see occasionally who I still love like I see then everyday. That when RDM comes in...

     She was my first best friend. She still cares about me still! We have grown up together through the years, and we have never killed each other.


Heres my first chapter! These are from stories I hear from my mom, not me remembering.

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