The Story of Nightsong

Ever wondered about what really happened to me before Movellas? Or why I'm always me? Or maybe you chose to stalk me and try to look into my life! Well, here's the story,

The story if Nightsong


2. School Life

     I am going to skip the younger years. I will just cut to the part where I remember the most.

     I had to move to a different school in the summer going to 4th grade. They changed the lines of the schools, so I lost TONS of my friends. I was scared, not knowing what was going to happen.

     Well, it went well. Made great friends that I had kept through the rest of the elementary school years. Had great teachers, nothing to special.

     Last year, I started 7th grade. I had some of my old friends, but I made a large number of friends that have my back. I found out last year that my dream is in art, not in animals, last year. Nothing to special...

     Sorry this is short, nothing happened that was too special...

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