The Story of Nightsong

Ever wondered about what really happened to me before Movellas? Or why I'm always me? Or maybe you chose to stalk me and try to look into my life! Well, here's the story,

The story if Nightsong


3. And the Bullying Begins...

     In the spring of this year, my Grandfather passed away. It was a tough thing to fight. I am one who will never cry. If I do, it is very short and I stop, never again to cry again about that subject. This time though, I fell into a deep hole of depression. One girl, who will remain nameless, started to make fun of me during the beginning stages of falling into this hole. I started to dive deeper into my depression. She then ended up in two of my classes by the last quarter of the year. She made it seem like I couldn't do anything right, even breathe! My grandmother died exactly eight weeks apart from my Grandfather. I went straight to the deep end of my depression. The girl would force the insults right down my throat. I didn't have the guts to tell anyone.

     Once summer rolled around, I was at the campground I usually stay at over the summer. I found out the way of lightly scraping my hand while shaving. I would do once in a while, but not all the time. It felt weird, the flaps of cut skin when ran across with a finger.

     When our friend of the family died over the summer, I broke my head open in the pool of depression. I got to school and it was even worse with all of the drama. I then got to the point where every time I was in the shower, I would use my razor while I was shaving and my a light cut on my left arm (noting I am right-handed). I wouldn't make it bleed, for my parent would find out. I then got to the point where every time I was put down even the slightest (ex. parents yelling, being lied to, etc.) I would count the events and make a cut for each one on each arm.

     Only three times have a cut deeper to where they bleed. I feel embarrassed to say that this happened recently where two of my cuts still are showing. I wear long sleeves to cover them from my parents. I never thought that I would tell anyone, let alone the internet.

     I just want to let everyone know that I am NOT saying I do this for attention, this is the truth. I never thought that I would say any of my depression to anyone. I am also not trying to say that cutting is an okay way to fix depression. It is NOT a way AT ALL!!!! I suggest that you should talk to someone.

     Sorry to bother you with my life story....

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