Cyber Date

Brooke Wallas, a teenage girl, who not only has every type of social media but she never trusts anyone, but when she meets one boy, everything is about to change



6. This is War

I watched as the teachers and students piled around me. Cassidy was grabbed by Mrs.Antsib and shoved down the hallway. I tried to call after her, but my voice would come out. Everything in my brain stopped and everything I saw turned into a blur. I turn my head but nobody was there, well besides the dancing dog, singing Roar. I knew this was a dream but I decided to make it a good one. I watched as Cassidy giggled at me from the corner. But this time, I watched myself yell at her, from the crowds view. I watched as she punched my face and how I flew back and it looked like it hurt. It just went into replay. My back hitting the tile. Maybe I got paralyzed? Maybe I am dead and this is heaven. Suddenly everything went white. 



I watched as my life replayed before my eyes. Was I going to die? I watched my life as if it was a movie, how stupid I was, the stupid things I did. I watched as the screen got engulfed in flames. "Brooke." I heard quietly.  "BROOKE! WAKE UP!" I hear rush through my ears and I shoot up. I am still in school and Mrs.Whismiller holding a water bottle for me. "Thanks..." I whisper. I grab the water bottle from her hands and grasp it in mine. I rip the cap off and bring the water bottle to my mouth, pouring the cold liquid down my throat. I heard the boys laughing at their phone, and so was Cassidy friends. Of course she planned it. I was leaned against a set of lockers. I was so tired and I wanted to go home but there was something I had to do. I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and went into messages 


BaeBae: How is the tile?

You: Nice, how is the office?

BaeBae: Great, hope you are paralyzed

You: Hope your going through hell

BaeBae: Same for you


I snort at her last text.

I press my screen into the floor, pushing it down, hoping it would crack

I watched as a mad Cassidy was pushed to her locker to pack her stuff.

I smiled, my smile took over my face, she got expelled and I liked it.

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