Cyber Date

Brooke Wallas, a teenage girl, who not only has every type of social media but she never trusts anyone, but when she meets one boy, everything is about to change



5. School Sucks

After the big fight with Cassidy, I knew school was going to be hell.

She had tons of friends that could take me down, and I don't like that feeling.

I slowly walked to my locker when my phone pinged.

I opened my IM app and read the message


QueenB: Wow, hows your internet bf? Better than Cass? Your such a b...

Lissa: Your suck, why don't you flirt with the boy you never met before.


I rolled my eyes and shoved my phone in my back pocket. I unlocked my lock and pull open my locker. White dust fell out and covered me head to toe.

"What the hell!" I screamed. I heard snickering and turned around to see Cassidy and 3 of her friends laughing. This was the last straw. I stormed over to them, and since the hallways was full of students and teachers, I had a audience. "Ok Cassidy, I get it, you are mad your best friend likes someone else than your back stabbing self and you want to torture her thinking she will come crawling back, but tough luck, see you in hell!" I screamed. I turned around ready to storm off but I needed a dramatic ending. I turned back to her ready to slap her when a fist rammed straight into my face and I flew backwards. I fell on my back and whacked my head on the tile. I heard the teachers come running. My brain couldn't process what was happening, and I tried to move but I couldn't and I just laid there, wanting to cry but I couldn't. 

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