Cyber Date

Brooke Wallas, a teenage girl, who not only has every type of social media but she never trusts anyone, but when she meets one boy, everything is about to change




"BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP." my alarm screams. I smash my hand onto the button. Yes, I have those old time, crappy alarm clocks, my wimpy Iphone does nothing to wake me up. "Ding!" My eyes fling open and I roll off the bed and ran to my computer. 

New Im Message.

Jonathan. H: So how was the confrontation?

I quickly reply

Me: Not so great

Jonathan H: What happened?

Me: I got beat up, but at least she was expelled.

Jonathan H: That's great

Me: Yeah, it's not like I have any bruises

Jonathan H: YOU DO?

Me: Nah.

Jonathan H: Oh... so are you guys not friends?

Me: What do you think?

Jonathan H: Shush, idk your lyfe.

Me: What's with the slang

Jonathan H: I thought most girls dig slang

Me: nah me bro ;)

Jonathan H:  XD

Me: BD

Jonathan H: <3

Me: I can do this all day :3

Jonathan H: Don't you have to go somewhere to get something called a education

Me: I am not going to school, maybe because my head hurts like crazy, because of Cassidy.

Jonathan H: I'm not sure it's fair to blame Cassidy for your mental problems

Me: Mental, HA talk about someone who is mental

Jonathan H: Who?

Me: You you bumble freak

Jonathan H: Bumble Freak?

Me: Yees.

Jonathan H: OOOk, well I am going to get my education so enjoy you mental problems

Me: Have fun with that

Jonathan H: I will when I get a collage degree and you live on the street because your leg has a scab on it.

Me: Go to school already

Jonathan H: Geesh mom

A smile crawls up my face. I close my computer and jump up.

"Ding-a-ling" my phone dings.

"What now?" I groan. I slump toward my bed and snatch my phone from the bedside table. 

New Message from: Cassidy

Cassidy: Thanks for the day off of school, or let me say, THE YEAR!

Me: Well you're welcome

Cassidy: Sarcasm you idiot

Me: Sarcasm you imbecile

Cassidy: Why u texting during class, I AM GOING TO GET YOU IN TROUBLE 

Me: Wow, Cassidy! I was right, you are a whiny baby, and besides I am not in class

Cassidy: Then where? It is 8:45, you should be in Math

Me: I have a headache from your iron fist

Cassidy: Why thank you so much, have a nice day #Sorrynot sorry

Me: I will because I'm going to the park and then christmas shopping.

Cassidy: Thought you head hurt

Me: It is called Painkillers and 2 cups of coffee TTYL

Cassidy: Whateves

I throw my phone to the end of my bed. I waited, and waited, I wanted to hear the sound of my computer telling me that Jonathan was trying to talk but nothing. After five minutes of waiting I gave up and grabbed my bag. I snatched my phone off the end of the bed and ran out the door. I stomped down the stairs and ran into the kitchen, which was filled with my mother, father, and 2 brothers that are a year younger than me.

"Sweetie, what happened at school?" my mother says softly.

"Long story, but to shorten it up, Cassidy is no longer my friend, she punched me so hard I flew into the lockers, I have a killer headache and well I am going to take some painkillers, stop by Starbucks and go christmas shopping."

I said very quickly.

"Don't you think you should go to school?" my brother smiles, which showed the Frosted Flakes he was chewing.

"Nick, close your mouth you nasty." I groan

"My head hurts and that is the last place I want to be, even if she is expelled."

I whine

"EXPELLED?" my parents yell. Their faces looked surprised

"None of this sounds like Cassidy, are you lying?" my other brother glared

"No, Charlie, go call the school, go ask my teachers and you think you would have heard rumors about it." I grumble

"I did, I was just trying to annoy you." he confessed, and then he shoved his spoon of Coco Puffs into his mouth.

"Ugh!" I yell. I walk over to my parents, hug them and grabbed the car keys.

"Be home before six!" my mother calls outs

"and only 2 cups of coffee and remember take only 2 pills." my father finishes.

"OK!" I yell back. I opened the door and there was sitting a small package, about the size of a average laptop. 

It says my name, from ..... Cassidy.

I lean down and picked it up. Carrying it in one arm I use the other to close the door. I walk down the path and into the driveway where my silver 2011 Ford Explorer was sitting. I pressed unlock on the keys and jumped inside. I threw the package into the passenger seat. I shoved the keys into the ignition and I was about to turn it when I move my hands off the keys and onto the package.

I lay it on my lap. It was sent a week ago, so before our fight. I put my nail on the tape and slowly pull my finger toward me, cutting through.

I flip open the flaps to reveal a nicely wrapped gift and a letter on top.

I grab the letter and tear it open.


Dear Brooke,

Merry Christmas, I hope you enjoy the gift. I spent all my money on it so no complaining. You are my best friend, I would spend everything I have on you, so no telling me to not waste it on you.

It may be a little early but I will be too lazy to send it later. 

Merry Christmas Brooke, and a happy New Year

Love, Cassidy, your best friend :D

I felt tears slowly sliding down my cheek. I set the letter down and grab the gift.

The wrapping paper was Santa waving from his sleigh. I slowly rip it open

There was sitting, a small box, bright red, with the word "Forever" engraved in silver. I brought my fingers to the box and flipped it open.

There, in a nice velvet cushion, sat a silver ring, covered in jewels and the writing on the inside said

I will love you forever

never oh never

will we stop being friends

friends til the end

Real Diamonds for you, means our friendship is real

The thought is that counts, not the money but the feel

I shook my head and slammed it closed. After all that trouble she went through to get me this, we aren't friends anymore. I place the box back into the passenger seat and turn the key. Tears flood down my eyes.  

What have I done? 




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