Cyber Date

Brooke Wallas, a teenage girl, who not only has every type of social media but she never trusts anyone, but when she meets one boy, everything is about to change



11. Boom Boom, Crash Crash

"Brooke!" my name floated around my head. It was so fuzzy. I don't remember much. Charlie ran into the room screaming. He was screaming my name and I felt like I was at school again. I couldn't move, I couldn't do anything. Then another flash of light exploded and nothing.


"Brooke?" my mothers voice whimpers. My eyes open. I was in the hospital of course. 

"Mom?" I croak. To be honest I sounded like a dying cat.

"Yes! Baby I am here!" she jumps up, grabbing my hand and rubbing it.

I start to sit up to see the damage, and let me tell you, it was a sight for sore eyes. I had burns everywhere and my face hurt. 

"How bad is my face?" I giggle, wiggling my toes, which was the part of my body that was not majorly hurt.

"Out of 10. 5." Nick's voice mumbled through some breathing thing.

He was in the bed next to me. I giggle. I bring my hand to my face. I barely touch the burned skin before I fling my hand into my lap in pain.

"Ahhh!" I scream, tears streaming down my eyes, which was not helping.

"Brooke?" Nick screams trying to get up. I shake my hand to him, telling him to stay and he did. The nurses come running in, coming to my side and pumping tons of painkillers through my body. I didn't like being drugged up, I heard stories about people who get addicted to painkillers.

"PING!" That familiar noise brought joy to my ears.

I grabbed the phone off the table and clicked the IM MESSAGE.


Jonathan H: Sorry, I needed that walk.

Me: I think I need a walk, but I can't really move

Jonathan H: What do you mean?

Me: Cassidy sent a package again, but it was too my older brother Charlie, so instead of him getting hurt, I opened it and it was a firecracker which blew in my face.

Jonathan H: OMG ARE YOU OK.

Me: I could lie and say yes, but honestly NO!

Jonathan H: I am going to kill her.

Me: I have to go, I have to check on my brother.


I turned off my phone and turned to my mother. 

"How is Charlie?" I ask, hoping she would smile and tell me he was pigging out in the cafeteria but I was going to need a miracle for that to happen.

My mom started to mess with her fingers, and I knew what she was saying.

That second blast of light was a second firecracker and he was in another hospital bed, resting like I am, burned all over.

"So, when can I visit him?" I ask, sitting all the way up, smiling like a dork.

"umm, once they uhh, pull the shards of glass out of his stomach." she mumbled, but little did she know I am fluent in mumbling.

"WHAT!" I shout, I quickly, wiggling around, which brought more pain than ever.

"Shh, just he had a few pieces of glass from the windows, nothing major." she tried to calm me down but even I could see the pain in her eyes. But for my mother, I pretended I believed her.

"Ok." I smile, before turning my phone on and clicking on Instagram.

4 notifications popped up. Cassidy. I clicked the video that she posted.

It was... my house? I watched myself grab the package and go inside, it zoomed on me in the window, with the no curtains and then BOOM! I watch as a fire emerges in my living room and then I watch my brother run in, then a second BOOM and the windows explodes and my house in on fire.

Now I know, this girl is going down.

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