Cyber Date

Brooke Wallas, a teenage girl, who not only has every type of social media but she never trusts anyone, but when she meets one boy, everything is about to change



10. Bad Memories and Old Friends

For the past week I have been talking to Jonathan, and the closer we got and to be honest, I really liked it.

Jonathan H: You are so annoying at times :D

Me: You are so annoying ALL the time, so I think I won!

Jonathan H: Touche, But to be honest, you know I am sexy.

Me: In your demented dreams.

Jonathan H: Yours dreams can come true if you try.

Me: P A T H E T I C 

Jonathan H: Is that sexy sarcasm I smell?

Me: Nah, just regular old sarcasm.

Jonathan H: Why do you deflect my flirting?

Me: Because I rather not be loved.

Jonathan H: And why is that?

Me: Because the last time I let a stranger get to me, they stole my money, and almost killed me and my family.

Jonathan: Nice joke

Me: Why do you assume every time I tell the truth, you think I lie.

Jonathan: Wait? Oh my gosh! I am sooo sorry. Just forget everything. I am going to take a walk.

Me: Nah just kidding

Jonathan: Damn you

Me: Ha




I slammed my computer closed and jumped up.  I walk to my window into the street.

I watch the kids across the street play basketball and Cassidy walking down the street with a box. WAIT CASSIDY WALKING NEAR MY HOUSE WITH A BOX!

I dash from the window and I run out the door and down the stairs. I watch through the peephole of my door to see she is walking toward my house.

She walked up to the porch and set the box down. I could slightly read who the box was addressed to. Charlie. I knew what it was. Something dangerous. Something that is going to hurt Charlie, or put him in a coma like Nick or even worse, kill him. So I made the choice myself. I threw open the door and picked up the box. I ran back inside and into the living room. I used my long nail to cut through the cheap tape. I set my hand on the top, taking a deep breathe. Anything can be in there, a pie in the face, another smoke bomb. 

I raised my hand and let the side burst open. Flashes of light exploded from it and I flew back. 


Ah that's right.

It was a firecracker. 

And I just got blown up. 

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