Where were you, princess


2. chapter one

~ Nialls POV ~

"Niall, mate can you run down to the store? Yah ate all our food." Louis asks me walking out of the kitchen . I reluctantly stand up and grab my coat and sun glasses off the counter.

"Fine." I grunt and walk out the door.

I throw on my shades and coat and watch the street for any directioners. Coast is clear.

I walk down the street to the market. I pretend to open the sliding doors with the force. People walk by me as if I was wearing bananas on my coat.

I just grin at them. I grab what I need and go to the check out. A very pretty young lady was waiting in line for her turn. I stand next to her and take off my shades.

"Hey there what's your name, miss?" I say in my low voice

She looks at me. She drops her bags and looks as if she's in shock. Not unusual. I grab her bags and glance at her face again.

This time I drop the bags at what I see.

"Kay-Kay- Kayla?!" I stumble back a bit. She's even more beautiful than I remember her. She looks at me with fear.

"Niall?!" She gasps and runs out the door . She leaves her purse.

I run after her, but once I reach outside she's gone.

Not again! At least I have her information this time.

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