Where were you, princess


3. chapter 2

~ Nialls POV ~

I run as fast as I could to the apartment with Kayla's purse in my arms . I dodge people on the sidewalk, clinging onto the large red leather bag.

I quickly run up the metal stairs to the apartment room and open the door.

"Niall?! Where's our food?" Zayn questions as I sit at the table next to the doorway.

"Forget the food. I've got something better." I grin happily to myself staring at the bag in my arms. Zayn raises an eyebrow at me.

"Niall did you bump your head?! Since when was a purse more important than food to you?!" He exclaims. I dump the bags contents. He still awaits an answer, I ignore him.

I shuffle through the contents. A bunch of papers and lists. Zayn grabs the wallet. He opens it.

"100$. This purse belongs tooooo... Kayla Roblez ." He announces looking at her I.D. I snatch it away from him. I look at her picture, she's perfect.

"Hey I found her address and phone!" Zayn says.

I grab the phone from him. She doesn't have a password, that makes things easier on me. I search through her pictures. She travels a lot . I come soon too a picture of me. She missed me.

She actually has a whole collection of pictures of me.

I go through the contacts. Not very many people.

"Didn't you say you have her address ?" I ask Zayn , he nods and hands me a paper with her personal info.

I have a feeling I'll be seeing her tomorrow .

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