Psychotic Obsession with a Homicidal Clown


1. Harley's beginning


Normality, what is normality? What is justice and who defines it? The justice system is comprised of nothing but a hypocritical loop of judgements biased by blind sighted hearts. Do I agree with the murderous hearts of the villains locked away? I must confess, I am unsure. But the villains that are killing are victims as well. They were victims first, why don't they get their justice? They never have gotten justice. They are scarred from their past, and they deserve their cases to be solved. One particular villain I know very well, quite well indeed. He is the most coveted villain to be locked away in all of Gotham... The joker. He is much more than a villain, he has a story, and a hurt inside that was never absolved.

Why do we so easily help the woman who was raped, the father who's only son was shot, the sexualized children, but not the child with the scarred face from a drunken dad, the man who had half his face burned off, or the man who is picked on for a birth deformity? Gotham's justice system is warped slightly. If they had taken the time to help the original ones in need, the villains now wouldn't exist. My heart goes out to each one, but for some strange reason I really hurt inside for the joker. I was brutally burned by my dad's cigarettes that he put out on my bare skin to punish me, and I have a huge scar across my left eye.

I have a real name, yes, but most people call me Harley. I don't like not wearing makeup, or being in public, or dates due to my scars. I can relate to the Joker. I understand his pain from the betrayal of an adult that should have been there to protect him. My slight affiliation with the Joker has become more of an obsession.

I find that his smile, though ever so slightly creepy is oh so attractive. It feels like he could see right through me if he wanted. He is tall and fit. Though he is adorable with his makeup, you should see him without it ;). He is a villain, but he has taught me so much. He showed me that my scars are beautiful, and that I'm no longer weak, but powerful.


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