Paper Ashes

[For the Name on Your Wrist Competition] She cries. He sighs. She smiles. He files. She writes. He lights. She dies. He lies.


7. Flames

As any pyromaniac or arsonist will tell you, the first flame is the defining one.

"For this homework you will produce a short piece of writing based on the quote on the piece of paper in front of you. It comes from Patel Leuvron's work. Each of you has a unique quote and I will know if you've swapped, I've given specific quotes to specific people."


Dear Addy,

My English teacher seems to be obsessed with Patel Leuvron. He's some poet or something, but he did stories and stuff as well. This entire term just seems to be my teacher going through his book 'Birdsong'. Have you ever heard of it? It's not the sort of thing I'd know about, but he does write some interesting stuff. I've got to write a piece of writing based on the quote 'As any pyromaniac or arsonist will tell you, the first flame is the defining one.' Do I write about the flame? Do I write about how it's defining? I have no idea.

How can you not like blue? Don't tell me you're a pinkie. You don't seem like a pinkie. You're not, are you?



Dear Ty,

I've never had a nickname before and I don't need one now. Enough with the Addy, or I'll cut your feet off and let the crows feast on your exposed flesh.

I love Leuvron! Bridsong is the only book of his I haven't finished yet. I just got it today, actually. A gift from Mother. That quote is actually about the beginning of life. Leuvron often had hidden meanings to certain lines and this is one of them. If you read the rest of the poem, it makes sense, how it fits into it. Perhaps you should write about the ending of a life? The first flame could be a first love. Or, perhaps it is about a failed romance? Perhaps you could describe a fire? It would be interesting, the smell, the sight, the sound, the feel, you can get all the sensory detail you could possibly want out of a fire.

No, I'm not a 'pinkie'. I'm more of a green-and-yellow person. Bright, fresh colours, you know? They just seem so much happier.


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