1. How I met the Janoskians

Hi my name is Rose and my best friend is Mary we both are huge Janoskian fans and have always wanted to meet them in person and I'm here today to tell you about my experience meeting the Janoskians.

One day Mary went to my house and we were looking at all of the Janoskian twitter posts and we stumbled across one that said meet the janoskians and win 4 backstage passes and 4 tickets to see them live in concert at their #GotCakeTour so we both applied and agreed that if one of us won that we would have to take each other.

Anyway a month after I got called in to the head teachers office. I was so nervous because I thought that I was going to get told off. I walked into her office and I sat down. She asked me if I knew why I was here I was so scared that I was going to get told off but she had a smile on her face like I had done something good. But anyway I replied with a simple "No". She then asked me who was my best friend in school so I told her that Mary was my best friend.

She then left the room didn't tell me where she was going or what she was doing but she told me to stay where I was. Minutes later she walked back in with Mary and asked us to come outside for a minute so we went with her.

The school bus was outside the school and she told us to get onto the bus and that our mums would meet us at the bus stop at our destination. So we got onto the bus and around half an hour later we stopped outside a cinema where my mum was waiting for us.

She told us to follow her. We were walking for just over 10 minutes until we arrived at a huge door. Mary's mum was right outside the door. We asked our parents why were we there. Mary's mum told us to open the door and it will explain everything. While we were opening the door my mum said remember that contest to entered.... Then the door was fully open and everyone shouted "SURPRISE" I was literally in tears I was so happy because standing there right in front of me were all of the janoskians Beau, Jai, Luke, James and Daniel.

I screamed as loud as I could because I was so happy and I wanted everyone to know it. Beau gave me a huge hug while Mary was being hugged by Jai.

We ended up with backstage passes, concert tickets, free Janoskian dirty pig t-shirts, their autographs, they brought us up on stage to sing best friends and we even got there phone numbers. By the end of the concert me and Mary were so tired that we fell asleep in the back of my mums car. #janoskianfanfic

This is my entry for a real competition set by the janoskians to win tons of janoskian merch. I really enjoyed making up the storyline and the characters and most of all I LOVE THE JANOSKIANS!!!!!

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