This is a not a happy story. This is a real one. Some will find this inspirational, some won't. Pleasing others is not what we are here for. I choose to tell u the truth instead of the fairy tales I know you prefer. See it as a wake up call.

Beep beep

It's time to get up.


2. Scars


'Tue?' No. Leave me be.

'Tue I'm home sweetie'  Your early. Why are you always early?

'What are you doing up there darling?' I carefully wrap a  handkerchief around my wrist. For no reason I'll tell her, but of course there is one.

'Up here mom!' I yell, my voice is low pitched, hoarse, I told you I wasn't a princess. 

'Ill make dinner, you must be starving' Yes, but I  tell her I'll eat at Mia's house. I won't eat there though. I seldom ACTUALLY eat at Mia's house. 

I get out of my shorts and put on a pair of high waisted black skinny jeans, my big baggy T-shirt is exchanged for a tank top and a big grey cardigan. I slowly walk down the stairs from my room and grab my keys on the way.

'Im leaving for Mia's' 

'Have a nice time!' 



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