Ginny, the new story

Ginny and dean have just broken up again and she leaves over the summer. now shes in 5th year and things are a bit different.


1. summer to Ginnys 5th year. (this will be short)

"mum, she told me not to tell you, but..." ron started "but... ginny left about 10 minutes ago and she said she wont be back for a while. i tried to stop her but.. but... she slapped me and ran mum."

is wasn't like Ginny to hit anyone, something was off. she lest everything at home but she had taken all of her money, and her music. Molly, Ron and the twins looked everywhere but they could find her.


by the end of the holdays they were looking everywhere every hour. Harry and Hermionie turned up to help too, everyday. two weeks after Harry and Hermionie got there, they where on the platform 9 3/4. Hermionie, harry and ron were all the a compartment together, early as normal when dean came running up to them yelling

"Ron, Ron Ron Ginnys jus come through the entrence, she got all her stuff, but she looks different...

they ran out to see her. but when they did ron stopped...

"Oh my god, Ginny?..."

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